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Recent comments:

"Scam social security call to my private number."
na(2021-07-22 15:13:47)
"this number comes up constantly on my husbands phone. homewrecking whore"
hazeybliss(2021-07-13 01:31:19)
"I received a call from this number from someone claiming to be a NY State Trooper. I'm trying to verify this."
(2021-07-10 00:56:23)
"who dat"
(2021-07-09 18:48:18)
"This freak just called my cell and told me he was masturbating and then came all over himself."
(2021-07-08 17:47:36)
"727-542-0115 called 5 July 2021 at 4:51pm. Caller: Clearwater Robocaller Call type: Unwanted"
Annoyed(2021-07-08 14:29:39)
"Called me 6 times, one call right after the next..."
(2021-07-07 17:57:39)
"dont know why keeps calling me"
bird(2021-07-06 23:56:04)
"indian dude answered but did not reply to my question of what is this about. He stayed on for 30s and hung up. He was mumbling undeciperable what sounded like english."
(2021-07-05 13:36:12)
"Bad computerized robo call "Internet & Phone Services?" (Yes, I put a question there because it was said as a question. Then goes on to say) " press 1 for discount & promotions, press 3 for tech support or press 3 for any other inquiries. Thank you." It was like I made the call & I press a number for a certain dept & it says Internet & phone services? Just a scam"
mad(2021-07-01 23:49:56)
"My daughter lost her phone trying to help her find it"
Willie(2021-06-28 15:01:02)
"Missed call, no message,James Kurzawa, Annoyance!!"
Spectrum customer(2021-06-28 14:32:17)
"Received call from this number saying I must return call or chargers will be filled against me"
Bobbie Farquhar(2021-06-22 21:23:49)
"Recording saying they have a promotion running to help your customers save money, so if you hate bills & want to lower your bills press ___ now First they talk like I'm a business, then they turn it around & says your bills. Scam"
mad(2021-06-22 19:10:44)
"phone call"
(2021-06-21 16:03:13)
"Yes. Did get a text. Didn’t know landlines can text. Contents of text was: ??"
Doc H(2021-06-17 18:39:22)
"Unsolicited call... probably another attempt to induce me to buy an extended car warranty"
FedUpWithROBO(2021-06-10 22:27:34)
"Recording came on & said ......."up to $200 visa gift cards. Press 1 now to get your free no obligation quote.""
TS(2021-05-27 20:47:51)
"Drug dealer!!!!"
Take A Guess(2021-05-26 21:14:09)
"yes call and hangup no message"
(2021-05-11 12:17:26)
"This person (posing as a young girl) is tricking boys into giving "her" their SnapChat account info and then changing the password and trying to extort money from them. BEWARE!!! I am in the process of tracking "her" down through SnapChat and Verizon and pressing charges once I verify "her" identity. "She" uses a different Cricket phone for the SnapChat account (681-313-5420) with an email address of "[email protected]" and another email she uses is "[email protected]""
(2021-05-09 18:08:51)
"looking for a connie ledoux"
(2021-05-07 09:35:33)
"3 phone calls in a row near 10pm last night"
(2021-05-07 06:47:21)
"friend testing you"
(2021-05-06 12:30:09)
"Don't recognize this number. Text message show 410-212-0888 but when clicking on message it shows this number, 410-212-0895."
Willie(2021-05-06 12:19:45)
"Calling repeatedly at 4-5 times per minute. Does not leave any message"
(2021-05-06 11:33:58)
"Makes alot of voip calls to my husband's with her name"
Terri(2021-05-05 15:24:16)
"Verizon cellphone belonging to Timothy Olan Watson, date of birth is 12-19-1957. Lives in spring, texas. Beware of this person and/or this number. Although this number is the main registered cell number, there are voip and fake spoof numbers used through this line for fraudulent purposes and practices."
(2021-04-16 17:16:44)
"Email [email protected] showed as [email protected] Message Your love is everything that keeps me alive and makes me feel complete. I love you! Also included 20other number Using 7247470670+"
(2021-04-14 12:39:33)
"I received texts from Erin Leddy and feel they are a scam"
Erik(2021-04-07 09:25:34)

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