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Recent comments:

"Crazy woman stalking and harassing me and my family. Her name is Halle Regalo"
Anonymous(2020-11-25 20:09:54)
"This is the Social Insurance scam that has been running for years now. They are calling daily now."
(2020-11-25 17:16:43)
"keeps calling on low energy bills with no number to be taken off the list...."
Bobby B(2020-11-25 12:21:25)
"Called me twice. No caller ID and when I picked up there was silence on their end. When I called back, there was a recording saying it was auto warranty services."
(2020-11-24 15:43:11)
"Person speaking very poor English trying to tell me that I need to extend my car warranty. This is a business that was called with over 1400 employees. How desperate are these scammers? Very sad."
(2020-11-24 12:04:53)
"Received a phone call that someone used my credit card for big amount???"
COCO(2020-11-24 09:33:52)
"Got a text"
(2020-11-24 06:35:47)
"Prank caller"
(2020-11-22 23:19:36)
"Got phone call. As soon I said hello, the called hanged"
Jay(2020-11-22 18:34:45)
"Yes with a computerized voice saying Good Bye"
(2020-11-20 09:17:44)
"Appel sans message"
(2020-11-19 13:27:28)
"Yes I got a call posing to be amazon asking if I made a purchase of 799.99 on my plastic."
kk(2020-11-17 15:45:41)
"Female wouldn't identify the alleged company she was calling from. Couldn't understand her name either. Sounded made up."
(2020-11-16 15:44:40)
"They claim to be from Publisher's Clearing House if you filled out something at Walmart, Walgreens or Online. HOWEVER, there is a small claiming fee to get your winnings! NOT......."
(2020-11-16 09:35:02)
"yes--told me my social security was being frozen due to fraudulent activity. talk to an officer immediately"
(2020-11-13 13:58:14)
"Seems to be a hoax. CAutomated call claiming to be Service Canada with an urgent call because my S.I.N is suspended. Appel automatisé ,surement un canular, disant provenir de Service Canada car mon N.A.S est suspendu. 3 appels en 1 semaine// 3 calls this week"
(2020-11-13 11:36:38)
"Offering loans to business, like to verify."
(2020-11-12 14:05:13)
"missed call, no voicemail"
anonymous(2020-11-11 16:41:19)
"missed call, no voicemail"
anonymous(2020-11-11 16:08:30)
"Several 'calls' or hangups. 1 or 2 rings ,then nothing. Very annoying. Every day for the last week."
(2020-11-09 08:37:10)
"Actually it’s a escort company they try and extort extra money from you her name is Bella The email is [email protected]"
Mark(2020-11-08 08:59:08)
"yes i did"
jl(2020-11-07 23:19:56)
"this number claims to be selling a Pomeranian in Norfolk VA (on Craigslist). The ad is typed to include terrible grammar."
Leo J(2020-11-07 10:48:08)
"Yes, I received a call from this number connected to a Services Canada Robo-call message talking about legal action and possible arrest"
Joseph(2020-11-06 18:15:14)
"Its a none working number, Could be a scam.!..."
Jj(2020-11-05 11:04:40)
"Voice mail received “Call is from social security administration and to reach our department press one call on same number I repeat press one now…”"
(2020-11-04 11:07:15)
(2020-11-04 09:45:29)
"Unsolicited, unidentified SCAM or FRAUD caller from an unregistered number in violation of the National Do Not Call Registry and the federal Telecommunications Act."
Maddas L.(2020-11-03 19:33:39)
"I've been called from this number to say my identity has been rubbed and they ask to urgently press option #1. It is certainly a fraud call."
Sylvie Vachon(2020-11-03 11:52:59)
"À quel nom est ce no."
-----(2020-11-02 15:28:14)

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