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Recent comments:

"Called my phone several times"
(2021-09-18 20:57:13)
"This number was probably spoofed in a phishing attempt text message with a link. Text was directed to "KELLI", as have several texts appearing to come from other numbers, all having an enticing link to click on."
(2021-09-16 19:59:01)
"Says they're king county housing. "Click and leave a review" Highly suspect malicious attempt to plant a virus"
anon(2021-09-15 00:47:53)
Fuckyou(2021-09-15 00:25:41)
"recorded call, claims to be from Fed Gov."
Paul(2021-09-13 13:40:52)
(2021-09-11 18:48:33)
"Yes. Several hangups"
Kay(2021-09-11 09:41:12)
"925-255 is a block of 1 thousand numbers owned by MCI. The A__holes calling you from this block of numbers are scammers looking to get personal information about you - don't talk to these butt holes."
(2021-09-07 19:47:07)
(2021-09-07 16:25:21)
"305-887-8070 scam robocall lower interest on credit card."
Rae(2021-09-06 16:37:06)
"making sure of a number"
(2021-09-03 13:09:15)
"he said he was IRS and I paid over $33000. for taxes for a pkg ,then needed another $49000 for insurance to ship"
(2021-09-02 22:42:06)
"Vehicle Warranty Bullshit! Was identified through phone line Frontier carrier as "TB Cancer" line so I answered it."
(2021-09-01 19:44:09)
"Asked for a person that did not live there and said they were calling to see if that person wanted to sell the house. they said this person lived at this residence"
(2021-08-31 21:55:24)
"received call no message left. will block this number"
(2021-08-26 17:45:07)
"This number is being used by a spoof caller or robocaller. The caller ID said "Topeka KS." When I answered the call, there was only white noise, no response. I called the number back and got a recording, "This number has been disconnected or no longer is in service.""
Mrs. Nelson(2021-08-25 21:46:22)
"Apple security scam call"
(2021-08-23 20:33:35)
"Scam,100$ to colect"
(2021-08-17 14:07:58)
"Got a strange message from this number stating that I had sent someone some money and they wanted me to confirm I was in agreement ...."
Rica(2021-08-13 20:07:10)
"fraudulent amazon call -claiming you must push numbers to respond...."
(2021-08-12 16:40:42)
"Multiple calls from nyc this being one of them. Called and no vm."
(2021-08-10 19:37:11)
HUGUETTE(2021-08-10 12:27:57)
(2021-08-06 17:18:35)
"Received text from this person wanting to buy my house . 1. House is NOT ON MARKET! 2. They had the guts to take time to find my phone number associated with house somehow but will not answer any of my questions ."
(2021-08-06 15:14:46)
"Money is due to you from certain accounts that have fallen into unclaimed status. Please collect your dues here: **********.com/pT4IoRC"
RW(2021-08-02 21:09:35)
"Scam social security call to my private number."
na(2021-07-22 15:13:47)
"this number comes up constantly on my husbands phone. homewrecking whore"
hazeybliss(2021-07-13 01:31:19)
"I received a call from this number from someone claiming to be a NY State Trooper. I'm trying to verify this."
(2021-07-10 00:56:23)
"who dat"
(2021-07-09 18:48:18)
"This freak just called my cell and told me he was masturbating and then came all over himself."
(2021-07-08 17:47:36)

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