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Recent comments:

"Quick call, no message."
(2021-02-18 15:04:42)
"When I answer no one talks."
(2021-02-16 16:55:35)
"Scam call threatening suspension of social security number."
(2021-02-16 12:09:52)
"Recording calling, long "V" number shows up as well as a phone number that's probably fake. Claims they put restrictions on my Amazon account until the problem is fixed. Recording was speaking before my machine started recording. Nice try thieves."
TS(2021-02-16 11:10:51)
"lifted phone no answear"
(2021-02-15 23:53:48)
"Calls daily, never leaves a message. Usually 2-3 second voicemail with no sound. I think it's a spoof number hiding a caller from a different number. Definitely a scam either way."
(2021-02-15 16:07:06)
"called about social security number being compromised. Wrong Scam"
(2021-02-12 13:57:49)
"Received call federal warrant issued in my name. Called # back and # had been disconnected.?????"
(2021-02-12 10:56:32)
"They say they are from Microsoft and there's a problem with your ip address. I didn't go any further with the call b/c it's a scam."
(2021-02-12 10:40:55)
"I got a text from this # that said their delivery person was at my house to deliver a package but I was not at home. They said that they will only hold my "package" for 4 days. They also said that the reason they were returning the package was due to the high value of it. I texted back asking the name of their company and to describe what my house and cars in the driveway look like. I am very sure the cowards are running a scam. Should I be wrong and they are legit, there is no way I would have missed their delivery. My husband, kids and crazy loud dogs and I who are always home, especially during this pandemic, would have heard them, no doubt. If I am wrong, I will certainly feel foolish and I will offer my apologies."
Christy P(2021-02-11 21:07:48)
"ATT labeled this number as a SPAM RISK. Did not answer and whoever called left no message."
Kimo(2021-02-10 16:38:11)
"some one trying to charge my accounts"
sis(2021-02-10 14:08:06)
(2021-02-08 14:57:58)
"Hi Olivia"
(2021-02-06 09:31:04)
"I got a call on the cell phone from these lazy snoop , I am getting so feed up in these liars. that i don't believe a word that they said I wish that they would not use my personal phone for a toy and herrass me . these darn snoop they are nothing but a unwanted call."
unknown(2021-02-03 17:28:57)
"I got a text that said Donna? which is my name.. and then nothing"
Donna(2021-02-03 16:02:01)
"Some kind of phishing, robo, scam call. I don't answer unknown numbers. Left no message. Blocked."
Bev(2021-02-03 14:27:26)
"This number keeps calling my cell and then leaves no message. When I call it back the guy that answers denied calling. He keeps calling every day!!"
Rowdie 40(2021-02-02 17:38:21)
"Guy just keeps calling me every couple months. Pretends like he is calling a business and says "oops wrong number" then hangs up. I don't understand what the point is yet but it seems to be of value to this guy."
Buddy(2021-02-02 14:17:58)
"Caller ID came up as Miami Valley Hospital. So I answered it thinking some family member was hurt & in the hospital. After I answer the phone, there's 5 seconds silence, then a recording comes on staying "Hello, this is an apology phone call. WE understand you've been paying too much for your electric. I hung the call up."
TS(2021-02-01 13:08:48)
"Yes. to my work and cell phone"
Hotshot(2021-01-29 13:21:34)
"At 6am I received a facetime call from this number. I wasn't able to answer it, but it's a robocall that's called before."
RichK(2021-01-29 10:02:36)
"do not know number and want calls to Stop or it will be turned in. Thanks"
(2021-01-27 11:54:20)
"She said she used to have my phone number 1 year ago which she used to open Facebook. And she wants need to unlock Facebook by giving her some code!!! I've had my phone number for over 10 years!"
(2021-01-27 00:40:34)
"I just got a call from someone with a foreign accent saying we had a $1490 charge through Amazon for an Iphone 11. When I confirmed this was not our charge I asked for her to confirm the last 4 digits of the credit card used. She said she didn't have access to that information and that I would need to talk to their accounting dept. I asked to be transferred and the call was disconnected. I looked at my Visa charge card transactions and there was nothing even close to that amount on it. So, I'm pretty suspicious and think this might've been a scam call to try to trick me into giving them some private information."
(2021-01-26 13:20:34)
"linked to scam charges on my credit card"
(2021-01-25 15:42:07)
"wrong number"
Andy(2021-01-25 12:31:35)
"When I call this number (of a friend) I only get a busy signal"
Gloria(2021-01-24 19:23:00)
(2021-01-24 17:52:46)
CANDY(2021-01-22 11:25:19)

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