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"Scam Robo call talks about your customers & dropping their monthly bills, then keeps talking & says if you're not happy with bills & want to lower your bills, they have some promo going on & to press ____ to find out more info. The scammer called from another number that I blocked a few days ago"
TS(2020-09-09 18:07:44)
"Unsolicited call from above number. Name blocked and probably a scammer. I am on Do Not call List, Canada."
(2020-09-09 09:41:30)
"I did call"
Bob(2020-09-06 14:49:12)
"They threatened to shut internet off, pretending to be from Microsoft. Today, they called twice, last time was 12:33pm"
(2020-09-05 13:41:20)
"Master card fraud"
(2020-09-04 16:23:38)
(2020-09-04 10:18:15)
"spam - 10 second waste of my time I'll never get back."
Bill(2020-09-03 17:29:45)
(2020-09-03 14:57:06)
"It's Melaleuca, Inc, and the only reason they'd be calling you is if you have an Account with them! They DO NOT Do Telemarketing Calls!!!"
(2020-09-02 16:30:00)
"Report is incorrect."
(2020-09-01 18:29:05)
"Phoned and asked to speak to the home owner, thick East Indian accent. When I asked in regards to what he hung up."
(2020-09-01 13:39:57)
"No call or text. This was my phone # from 45 yrs ago 😊 Just being curious"
(2020-08-31 19:29:11)
(2020-08-31 12:50:48)
"got nine harassing calls in two hours from them.."
(2020-08-30 23:10:14)
"Young black male said his name was Brayden from Midland city Alabama, he wanted to perform oral services on myself for money. Absolutely disgusting!!!"
Matthew Leeper(2020-08-30 03:17:02)
ANNA(2020-08-28 12:56:09)
"Said they were from Norton Antivirus and that 399 bucks would be charged to my Microsoft account if I didnt call this number !"
(2020-08-28 11:03:47)
"Robots call, declined once, answered twice, just a slow beep"
(2020-08-28 09:11:02)
"I got a call from this number 8/27/220 at 2:57 pm. Young lady ask for Melissa, she verified the number which was my number. Still wrong though."
2020(2020-08-27 15:12:05)
"Missed call (even w/o a single ring) and no-content VM. Called the number back and reached a totally different business entity that the one displayed on the Caller ID"
(2020-08-27 12:07:58)
"Missed phone call"
(2020-08-26 18:22:23)
"This number keeps calling me and hanging up"
(2020-08-26 16:52:48)
"Yes, it came up as Pricewaterhouse and they claimed they were Experian debt resolution experts and wanted credit card numbers and expirations."
(2020-08-26 14:38:30)
"called multiple times without leaving a message"
(2020-08-25 13:40:09)
"Called multiple times during the day. Probably a robocall -no message left. They call every day."
(2020-08-21 11:26:42)
"Received phone call on mobile. Did not answer. Looking for info on this number."
(2020-08-20 15:45:33)
(2020-08-20 15:11:07)
"Recording was talking before my machine started recording. What was recorded on my machine was: "promotion running in which we are to help your customers dropping down their monthly bills. So, if you are not happy with bills & want to lower your bills, press 1. If you want to be taken off the list, press 2. If you want to speak to one of our promotional specialists, please press zero." Scam outfit calling because: 1) I am not a company, I don't have customers 2) it says "& want to lower your bills" Contradiction in the call being for a business then switching as if it was contacting a consumer customer instead. Scam, beware."
mad(2020-08-20 13:56:22)
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"Scam number/mobile cloned"
Gil(2020-08-19 17:58:17)

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