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PATRICK TAYLOR(2022-09-04 00:16:58)
"Called twice in the space of a few minutes and left a phone message with nothing on it."
(2022-08-10 22:38:14)
"Welcome to the world of adult Dating" 06:47:55)
"Call about a public survey."
Cheryl(2022-05-04 18:55:37)
"Multiple text messages to cell line about buying a house"
(2022-05-04 15:05:08)
"Rec'd Photo and comment from un-named person. (Female) Asking if I forgot my jacket and did I want to come back to get it. Might be a misdirected call but I did NOT reply. BTB"
BTB(2022-05-04 12:08:11)
"Left no message"
(2022-05-04 01:25:13)
"received a text via WhatsApp with a picture, didn't open"
wary lady(2022-05-03 20:34:08)
"i have a txt saying pending transaction of 444.05 for your last order #194234. immediately call 1 833 350 8006 now if you wish to cancel. i have no transactions this is a scam."
leslie mcmasters(2022-05-03 16:34:52)
"Caller ID listed number as Dr. Yuill Black M.D. I researched and there is a Dr. Yuill Black located in Manassass Va. but not in Newport News where the call was supposedly coming from."
(2022-05-03 15:52:19)
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(2022-05-03 15:01:26)
"Called 2x today (April 30th). left no messages."
(2022-04-30 23:48:47)
"The name associated with this number was Kanawha Hospice. I don't know anyone who might be there. A message was left about a service contract ending. I get a lot of fake calls about non-existent contracts, warranties, etc. but this is stooping to a new low."
reCAPTCHA(2022-04-29 22:28:12)
"Texted me that my debit card has been blocked. I don't have a Citibank account. Did not click on the link."
(2022-04-29 19:30:54)
(2022-04-29 16:21:12)
"call from this number"
(2022-04-28 19:48:48)
"Called. Left no message. I called back. It's a litany of bogus offers of insurance, home improvement, senior services, etc. Scam!"
(2022-04-23 17:11:44)
"Email that Imy order for an iPad had been received and my PayPal account charged $512. Scam call. I didn't order an iPad and don't use PayPal."
(2022-04-20 15:55:49)
"I am growing very senile"
Franklin(2022-04-14 05:55:25)
"first name is: LUIS"
(2022-04-14 00:11:31)
"We are on the DONOCALL list and have been for years We don't know anyone in MT. Misdial or a scammer."
k(2022-04-13 22:49:48)
"JUST RECEIVED A TEXT THAT SAID Fuck off - I'm not responding, I'm sure it is some sort of bait for me to do so"
(2022-04-08 16:15:29)
"Missed call by unknown phone number."
(2022-04-06 17:34:11)
"Call through WhatsApp no message or name left Caller hung-up after 4 rings"
Msnurse(2022-04-04 18:32:40)
"I got a call from 804-966-0418 on 03/28/22 at 9:53am. Person had the last four of my SS#. She said I had been sent to collections for a delinquent account from a check cashing business called Check-n-Go. She also advised me that the call was being recorded. When I told her I'd never heard of the business and had never had any business there, she asked if I wanted to settle my account with credit card, check or dispute the charge. I told her I was going to dispute the charge and she hung up. When I did a lookup of the number, the Virginia Dept of Health came up. Area code 804 is in Richmond, VA."
(2022-03-28 14:05:17)
"Someone claiming to be a female is using this number to text me"
(2022-03-28 02:49:17)
"These people are advertising Plants for sale -- They want your text but will not communicate after that -- The add implies they are in Brooksville Florida -- However -- This # is a landline in Clearwater Florida -- Sooooooo -- They Are Not In Brooksville"
(2022-03-26 13:25:34)
"this number keeps calling about an apple I security- allday"
(2022-03-25 18:59:52)
"Caller ID showed up as Miami Valley Hospital. I answered the phone because that is necessary right now for me. Right away I get a robo call stating AT&T Direct TV we are running a promotion right now. I hung the call up & have reported it to the do not call list & the FTC as well."
(2022-03-19 17:06:51)
(2022-03-14 12:43:32)

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