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"This person called me, asked if I owned a farm and had animals. When I responded yes, they asked if they could come to my property and make a film about bestiality using my livestock. When I told them no, they asked if they could bring their won animals and use them. These people are freaks, total freaks."
El Captain Coconut(2021-01-16 16:26:34)
"I don’t recognize the number. They hung up without leaving a a voicemail but reverse looking them up says they called from Lake City, FL"
R(2021-01-15 15:10:48)
"call and no message"
Tina(2021-01-14 21:08:15)
"fuck you"
(2021-01-13 15:18:04)
"Y e s"
(2021-01-12 19:23:22)
"Got a text that "you can claim an amount of $135.60 CA due to unauthorized transaction made to your account. See:" which is a scam"
Dave(2021-01-11 15:25:13)
"Says this nber is not assigned"
Boxy(2021-01-10 16:42:35)
"Got anothet call no no message. I'm so sick of these daily calls And the apps that say free information are NOT free"
(2021-01-09 00:50:11)
"That number belongs to my dad I got my phone took and I'm just tryna get his social media accounts to talk to him again"
niy(2021-01-09 00:35:25)
"Received a recorded call from this number claiming to be Social Security Administration and that my SS# had been compromised. The recording when on to say, "press one to speak to a representative". I hung up."
Clark(2021-01-07 16:45:45)
"More scam calls about the extended warranty of a vehicle. I block all calls from the 288 code."
j(2021-01-07 15:45:54)
CDC(2021-01-07 13:04:06)
"Seems to be a scam and they keep calling until answered!!!!"
(2021-01-06 15:19:41)
"Was trying to get me to move out so he could rape my sister and mom"
(2021-01-05 15:53:58)
"Got a call from this number ad the caller ID says POTENTIAL SCAM."
Joe Blow(2021-01-05 12:21:58)
"Continued calls from this number without a voicemail left"
Bambi(2021-01-05 10:08:46)
"i received a txt message at 6;30am which said gmorning beautiful dont know who it is no name"
linda(2021-01-05 07:35:35)
Comment(2021-01-04 17:47:55)
"must be another scumbag scammer - - hangup call"
r2(2021-01-04 10:49:06)
"I was included in group text sent to 19 people & someone from this number made sexual remarks"
(2021-01-03 22:18:21)
"CINDYS still communicating with David"
Joey Dias(2021-01-02 17:29:27)
"yo t ki"
Juul(2021-01-02 07:45:17)
"John why R u contacting my wife Cynthia"
J(2021-01-02 00:50:07)
"4 hangups, no vm message"
(2021-01-01 20:27:18)
"Got a text"
(2020-12-31 20:00:22)
"Got a text with photo of a teapot I supposedly bought for texter. Do not recognize."
Sally(2020-12-29 12:29:35)
"this number is doing sexting"
(2020-12-28 01:17:59)
yy(2020-12-25 11:31:52)
(2020-12-24 15:28:41)
(2020-12-24 12:48:49)

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