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Doc(2021-11-10 02:17:02)
"Stated that there is legal action pending and my social security card will be permanently frozen"
(2021-11-09 20:15:09)
"I just want to know if this is a scam"
Allison T MacKay(2021-11-09 14:24:58)
"Not sure who this is."
DH(2021-11-03 20:29:16)
"calls everyday and doesn't leave a message."
(2021-11-02 19:52:58)
"This number belongs to a prostitute. They advertise online. On the ugly side but cheap."
Jmz(2021-11-02 02:38:16)
""rj medan's custom landscape" when I called back. Who are they?"
adfdssfds(2021-10-29 18:00:39)
"Recording stating that there is suspicious activity on my bank account I should press 1 and hold for someone."
(2021-10-28 22:26:25)
"I received a call with the name Heyward Tresse and an automated call that stated they were calling from Amazon and my Visa had been charged $300.00. When it told me to hit #1 to speak to a rep, I did and was disconnected. I looked up the name which is actually Tresse Heyward and found she had been deceased since June of 2021. Someone is using her name to do spam calls, not to mention now I've probably been hacked or my phone info will be stolen since I hit that #1. Beware people."
PT(2021-10-28 18:05:48)
"Probably a spoofed number."
(2021-10-27 18:14:38)
""Hey Jimmy!!""
JDT(2021-10-26 19:18:37)
"missed call"
(2021-10-26 18:46:08)
"The recording was talking before my answering machine started recording. My machine got...." internet & phone bills as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, Spectrum is offering huge discount promotion to customers. Your promo code is Best Buy. So hurry up. To avail this promotion, press 1 now & be directed to the account specialist.""
mad(2021-10-26 15:21:01)
(2021-10-25 17:53:04)
(2021-10-25 17:52:29)
"This number called me claiming to be from the IRS asking for extremely personal information."
(2021-10-15 20:12:09)
"I received a spam from this number that said if I responded, I would be making a monthly subscription. If I catch them, they will not type for a while."
(2021-10-14 13:51:20)
"This number sent a coded text to My What's App? l don't know who it is? l don't use WA frequently and only have a couple of other people on there l talk to! I am trying to determine how they got my number?"
Nightowl(2021-10-11 16:08:39)
"Adulterous 41 year old man that abandoned his family leaving them homeless, without reliable transportation for a 19 year old girl."
(2021-10-09 22:37:41)
"Adulterous 41 year old man that abandoned his family leaving them homeless, without reliable transportation for a 19 year old girl."
(2021-10-09 22:37:22)
tom(2021-10-08 22:18:46)
"Scam / Fraud recording about some charge on my Amazon card account. Ha ha ha. I have never had an Amazon account or card in my life Something about something that charged my Amazon account $1,499.00 & they have put a hold on that charge. Press 1 to talk to them about it AND press 2 to report this activity. WORD TO THE WISE: NEVER call back the number if they give you one or the number that called & NEVER press any buttons on your phone. IF you have an Amazon account & get the call, call the number on the back of your card & tell them about the call received. IF there is a problem, they will let you know. That advise goes to any calls you receive. It has saved me from fraud by doing that. Call the company you know is legit about something."
mad(2021-10-07 15:46:41)
"legal dept will be forced to take action if I dont press 1"
(2021-10-06 19:53:01)
davidson(2021-10-06 15:03:44)
"i got a tex"
(2021-10-06 15:02:05)
"got a txt from this number stating NFCU: A new recipient has been linked, if this was not you cancel at ( it did gave a url however, I am not putting here incase its a BAD link.)"
Concerned about bogus email/tx(2021-10-05 19:30:36)
"Said that it was an officer on a recorded line that was a concerned party from fbi and to wait on the line and choose from the options"
(2021-10-04 14:35:18)
paul(2021-10-04 13:46:41)
"Internet & phone for only 29,.99 per month for each when bundled. This is a limited time offer for Spectrum new & existing customers. Hurry, Spectrum simply gives you more for less. Further details press one, other wise hang up the call."
Betty Q.(2021-09-30 18:37:51)
"Called me when I called back it said call rejected, woman voice"
Cindy(2021-09-30 18:06:25)

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