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"I got a call from Lutheran Social Services telling me I would get 30 The caller left a message that I would get a 30% discount on my gas and electric bill because of covid. I called the number and it was always busy. The phone said Lutheran Social Services. Fraud call??? I live in an all-electric dwelling???"
Arlington Heights, IL(2022-01-20 23:42:36)
"Recorded message about car warranty"
(2022-01-20 22:41:49)
(2022-01-18 22:09:38)
"Got a call on Sunday morning. I did not answer. Called back an hour later and got a "This number is no longer in service". SCAM call"
Steven(2022-01-18 20:04:52)
"Scam likely. Calls but no messages from this number."
Brother Moondog(2022-01-17 21:23:24)
"phone call"
buster(2022-01-17 21:10:32)
"Unsolicited SCAM or FRAUD caller refused to identify self and would not state purpose of the call. This is the 674th such call from small towns in Texas within a year. I have never been to Granbury, TX and have done no business with anyone there."
Maddas L.(2022-01-17 14:52:39)
"Called, said that they were from an insurance company. Asked if I could hear her, when I said "yes" and who are you with she hung up. I called back but it only goes to voice-mail. Probably a scam, and I know better then to say "yes'. Augh!"
(2022-01-11 20:48:56)
"Caller ID showed Direct Patient. Wants more info on the auto accident & more so on how physically doing. I find it's a leach company trying to drum up business. These leaches gets police reports for auto accidents & start fishing for any bites they can get. My house phone number is on the do not call list so these leaches are not above the law, but they don't care, they're calling even though we're on the do not call list & did not asked anyone to call us about it. The call back number to reach the woman talking is 330-881-0766 I seen another complaint on a web site about this phone number & that person said it was a chiropractor calling."
Pissed off person(2022-01-11 17:37:36)
"Long "V" number for caller ID means a robo call for tracking of time date & so on when it called a phone number. I'm on the do not call list & robo calls are illegal for those on it. Call of course wasn't designed to leave a message on an answering machine."
mad(2022-01-11 17:06:27)
"This number was used by scammers on 1/10/22 to sell extended auto warranties."
Paul(2022-01-10 21:46:09)
"text contents; Sir please calls us back at this number it's a direct line Georgia Bureau"
(2022-01-10 17:07:13)
"If I can't get the police report for the accident I was in that was not my fault, how are these leaches getting it? I'm on the do not call list so it's illegal for these so called attorneys to call & they know that. Will be reporting illegal call."
Mark B(2022-01-10 01:46:42)
"hi mugen"
(2022-01-07 19:01:18)
"I got a text telling me my Walmart order was canceled and to call the store. I did not order from the store I ordered online."
Db(2022-01-07 01:40:28)
"I'm on the do not call list. Robo call, same robo call from many multiple phone numbers. "issues with the service or feel the bill is too high, press 1 to speak to a feed back agent. Other wise hang up the call."
mad(2022-01-06 00:00:02)
"The caller disconnected when I answered the phone. There were only three calls."
John(2021-12-29 22:40:45)
Maty(2021-12-27 04:10:36)
"Phone call, hang up! Don't know anyone in L. A."
Tiffany(2021-12-26 21:08:02)
"I have no idea who this is but they sent these in a text http://*** Area 51 Gets EXPOSED | UFO Chronicles | Absolute Documentaries http://***"
(2021-12-26 00:50:55)
"Is this phone registered to a user?"
kdavis(2021-12-21 21:42:59)
"This number seems to be a scam number. It is very possible that this number is a Phish for information"
Alvin(2021-12-20 21:01:40)
Monica(2021-12-20 07:24:36)
"called me at 5am and sat on the voicemail leaving deadair. then text a worthless "hey" to me. I have no idea who this idiot it."
(2021-12-14 20:12:29)
"I got a call about Medicare Insurance. I hung up and blocked the caller"
(2021-12-13 18:06:25)
"prank scam/spammer"
(2021-12-11 17:27:51)
"I got a phone call"
(2021-12-09 17:06:04)
"text at 10 pm about house value........seriously??."
(2021-12-09 13:06:06)
(2021-12-06 18:09:07)
JOEY(2021-12-04 15:07:52)

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