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Line Type:Cell Phone
Location:Columbus, OH
Public Records:Available
Social Profiles:Available
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"naira cardi romancing and scamming old men for money"
dennis(2017-12-26 17:02:22)
"Naira Cardi using romance, sex, and trickery to scam elderly men for money for mortgage payments and support for her pet rescue in Etna, Ohio. She is also using two other phone numbers for this scam....614-804-0381 and 419-722-6848"
dennis(2018-01-06 10:07:49)
"I am Naira Cardi. I am being scammed by hackers and scammers. I also found out that not only scammers have stolen my cell number (later I will explain how they use stolen phone numbers), but they also made soliciting calls from two other numbers (419-722-6848, 614-804-038) and use my name. I am not familiar with those numbers at all. After I learnt about about those fake numbers, I did try to find out what type of phone number they are, the first one had busy signal each time I called, and the second one belong to a woman by name Teresa Stephens). I left number of messages for Teresa Stephens, hoping to talk to her and find out everything, but she never returned my call. I want to know who and what they have done using my name. Those hackers and scammers searched my name through my phone number, then they found info about me and my non profit no kill rescue shelter from internet and then they called their targets, in this case obviously old people, trying to extort money.. Please, I am asking you very nicely, contact me and let's find out who are those criminals. The most horrible thing is that you put your negative post in internet about someone you don't know by destroying her life. I did research and I found out about spoof calls. Check in you tube and you will see how those scammers can call someone by showing your caller id, they even have voice altering software. The receiver will see your number on their caller id, they hear your name and last name and they think they are talking to you, when in reality you have no clue what is really going on behind your back. Call me back, talk to me, and let's catch those criminals. Today they destroy my life, tomorrow you will be their next target. I had no idea that the info about my pet rescue shelter was in internet. No wonder they use every info for their dirty scam. I am disgusted that this type of scam is 450 million dollar industry in this world, and it is happening right under our nose and yet we don't do anythi"
Naira Cardi(2018-01-29 13:07:44)

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