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"Just a call that I did not answer"
RT(2019-04-19 17:47:19)
"They called me and offered me a $15000.00 grant but I had to submit $5000.00 to them. And like a dumb ass I did. Then called again if I would submit another $3000.00 I could get $25000.00. I called they answer recordings. SCAM"
Sarge(2019-04-19 16:45:59)
"social security scam number. asked them to stop calling. speaker has a heavy accent. block this number and add to do not call list although that won't do any good."
MacKenzie(2019-04-18 11:36:50)
"phone call"
(2019-04-16 11:37:39)
"Yes I did"
(2019-04-13 03:53:56)
gerald(2019-04-09 11:56:43)
"This number is a hacker pretending to be from SSA."
(2019-04-03 19:31:17)
"This Oxnard VOIP number (surreptitiously from L.A.) has attempted multiple unlawful contacts, each time without leaving a message. Robocallers (unlawful telemarketers), other predators, and scam lenders do this all the time. That's why it's best to LET YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE TAKE THEIR PATHETIC CALLS."
Quick Brown Fox(2019-04-03 14:48:58)
"auto call for a delta airline give-a-way"
(2019-04-03 13:17:27)
"Spam call"
(2019-04-01 14:32:32)
"tele-market call, first step, they want you to use the work YES, they will then use it later to bill you for unwanted goods. they always ask if you can hear them okay...don't respond."
(2019-04-01 12:41:21)
"got a call"
(2019-03-31 12:55:54)
"Spam call today at 5:20pm"
C(2019-03-28 17:24:23)
"automated recording about medical braces"
(2019-03-28 12:19:00)
"Legal activities the issue is time sensitive and urgent we hope to hear back from you before we proceed further with suspension of your social security number the moment you received this call us back at 510-842-0109. Number one social security doesn't call you everything is done through mail. You need to move on to something different this is not rocket science to figure you are a FAKE! Trying to scam money from people."
Dp(2019-03-27 16:29:13)
"This is a fax number, not a business landline. The business number is 907-482-3232"
Keith Blanchard(2019-03-27 15:12:50)
"unwanted call. This is not a sales call. yea right."
LWW1(2019-03-25 19:31:29)
"Text. It says LEA LUCIBELLA, Installation Money- GET UP TO $5,000- I did not click on that link & I never will for any #'s from Text's."
(2019-03-22 17:13:31)
"Yes, Text. I get a lot of different phone numbers that Text me, after I've blocked them every single time. They just keep on coming. They expect me to click on a link or say I've won something or there's a problem with my account, from different company's."
(2019-03-22 17:01:56)
"Yes, a Text. I have no idea who this is."
(2019-03-22 16:54:46)
"Yes, a Text. Monday."
(2019-03-22 16:46:01)
"Yes, I did. The asshole asked if I wanted a quote for health insurance and sounded like he said he was with Aetna. I politely said, "actually, I would just like to be placed on your Do Not Call list". He said "and I want to give you a quote, you want on a calling list...sounds like we both want something (in a rude manner), if you give me your information I will place you with one of our specialists". I was going to just hang up, but when he said sir give me your information, I got disgusted and started to play his game. Gave him a bogus name and location...when I rattled off too many digits for the zip code he said sir that's too many numbers, what is your zip code, then muttered something and hung up. I tried calling back, but of course it went to voicemail. When is someone (FCC?) going to step in and do something about this B.S!!!????"
(2019-03-22 12:15:04)
"Call you all the time and don't say everything"
bubble gum(2019-03-21 22:06:56)
"Two missed calls and no voice message left."
(2019-03-21 15:19:09)
"scam do not answer"
(2019-03-20 16:02:08)
"Scam from IRS used this number today, 3/19/19. Could be spoofed. No way to know.. Sincerely sorry for the owner if they are not responsible and going to be used by scammers going forward. Nightmare for them is so."
Magat(2019-03-19 18:26:17)
(2019-03-19 15:59:25)
"Boyfriends contact"
(2019-03-17 02:10:17)
"(307) 223-9573 Hearing aid promotion - DUMB! If I could hear on the telephone, I wouldn't NEED a hearing aid! Left voice mail but not call back number or name of company. Best guess (from web search) is Miracle Ear, Riverton, WY but number is not quite the same"
Gabby_Jim_41(2019-03-15 02:12:01)
"Fake! Pretends to be from Social Security. "Officer John Marshall" - its a scam"
(2019-03-13 17:23:01)

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