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"Constant calls and messages about us being investigated and pending lawsuit."
Recaptcha(2018-11-19 18:59:09)
"This number calls and claims that they are the IRS and that you have been charged with tax fraud when you call back some lady with an accent answers saying it is that IRS office and when challenged with giving authenticity they will hang up on you and reject your calls soon after. This is a scam"
(2018-11-19 18:10:40)
"social security scam. Orbo call. Wanted me to call this number. Third call like this."
Jim(2018-11-19 16:46:49)
"Spam - call about "safety concern in my house..." then hang up...616-201-XXXX numbers call me continually and I continue to block but they still find another 201-616 number to call from."
(2018-11-19 09:48:29)
"called several times at odd hours, no message left"
annoyed(2018-11-18 07:57:02)
"I know nothing about that number except that I got a text from it, saying "hello""
reCAPTCHA(2018-11-17 15:24:25)
"received an automated call from this number on 11/14/18 saying, "would like to notify you regarding these issue in previous 6 months but we have never gotten response from so it has been considered as an intentional fraud and law suite has been filed under your name by the united states government, you may call our department number 408-457-0714 (number was garbled on the message). No idea who this is or what scam they are running."
(2018-11-16 15:50:32)
"Received a call at 7:43am 11-16-18 recorded message claimed to be the Social Security Admin. said that my S.S. number was being used as a fraud number."
(2018-11-16 08:55:18)
"This number texted me and when it was called by someone I know it came up with the same message that everyone using VoIP cards give out when someone tries to call them before they disconnect the card. I am wondering why another number tracker told me the owner is from Ridgewood, NJ and she is still paying for it but now lives in Yankton. Does the phone have a cloned Cell attached to it?"
(2018-11-15 22:21:20)
"scam - they left me a message saying my ss number has been compromised and I need to call them."
lisa(2018-11-15 16:24:44)
"Fraud spam call. Don't pick up or call back."
(2018-11-15 11:32:42)
"I received a call from this number and although it did say SCAM, I went ahead and answered. No one was on the other end."
(2018-11-15 08:27:39)
"Annoying and harassing calls from this number -- and many variations thereof -- have been coming to my landline for a long time ... several times a day. When they happen to get through to my answering machine, it is a ROBO CALL about some probably- useless medical device. Since I have friends who live in the '931' area code, I have avoided blocking the whole area code. Today I decided to block '931-864' in hopes of stopping these jerks from 'backwoods' Byrdstown, TN (YES, I've been there!). If this stupid woman is representing Medicare as she says, they need to deep-six her!"
Gidget(2018-11-14 21:54:38)
""IRS call""
(2018-11-14 17:50:48)
"This is kinda creepy. I was looking up my mom's phone number as a joke but now I'm freaked out!"
RJ(2018-11-14 11:01:22)
FP(2018-11-14 09:41:00)
"When I got a call from this number I did not answer; however I called the number right back and got a recording stating "the number you have dialed is not in service, please check the number and try again". This is a Scam Likely"
D. B. Harris(2018-11-13 14:30:00)
"Call no voice mail"
Bob(2018-11-12 14:21:29)
"Very creepy voice wanting to let me know about an opportunity for my business."
(2018-11-12 11:55:19)
(2018-11-09 17:08:16)
"These people call indicating we owe money on our vehicles that they are trying to collect on. They ask for all vehicle information. We have never financed a vehicle."
(2018-11-09 16:06:01)
"Tried to sell me internet service."
(2018-11-09 12:08:37)
"They left a message but it was in Chinese. All I know"
(2018-11-07 12:52:36)
"Two calls."
Cuz(2018-11-06 20:19:35)
"Don't know this number, do not know anyone in Reno. Based on past experience, I would bet that it is probably a scam of some sort. I did not answer it, I deleted it from my phone."
Bill(2018-11-05 15:03:53)
"Robo call: This is Michelle, how are you today? .......Are you there? Boy Michelle sure calls from a lot of different numbers. (Sarcasm here) Another web has 2 people listing today complaints stating caller says their computer has issues & wants access & $$$ to fix it."
millie(2018-11-05 11:14:45)
"We have received several texts from this unknown number and it refers to a family member each time. We have not responded to it and after discussion with family member we discovered others are getting it as well."
(2018-11-03 18:34:39)
"bogus text about lawsuit"
(2018-11-02 15:13:34)
"Says we have a lawsuit against the government for fraud!?? A scammer"
Je Paul(2018-11-02 12:00:09)
BUD(2018-11-01 22:51:14)

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