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"Called & no message"
Todd(2019-08-12 14:42:05)
"The caller left a message and spoke with a strong British accent. She said there was suspicious activity on my "social number"."
(2019-08-12 14:37:41)
"spam call"
(2019-08-12 13:02:00)
"Got two calls , one after the other, both hang ups and no message left either time."
(2019-08-09 11:03:48)
"Started talking before my answer machine picked call up. Was something about some PPO plans & quote or press 4 if not interested. 4? That's a new one to press for a robo call. I doubt it's legit, sounds fishy to me"
Millie(2019-08-09 09:59:42)
"Caller ID comes up as Big Lots Fax. Caller didn't leave message & I'm not expecting anything from a fax line from Big Lots. Besides, it wasn't a fax machine calling because there was non of them squeals you hear when one calls your phone. This is either a number given out as new & they're using the past name to hide their true info with, or they've pirated the phone number for the callers scams. Either way, it's a scammer calling."
mad(2019-08-08 15:10:07)
"yes text"
bill(2019-08-06 17:11:42)
"calls me and moans late at night. what a slime-ball!"
rather not!(2019-08-06 13:49:51)
Ruth(2019-08-06 12:18:35)
"Take call from Hilton Hotels"
Joe(2019-08-02 22:12:59)
"I received a call from this number"
kayla(2019-08-02 12:55:54)
"Warning I got a Fishing attempt from this #: An arrest warrant has been issued because of fraudulent activity on your SS# press 1 to speak with the officer"
(2019-07-29 12:52:38)
"ROBO call voice mail msg saying to call this "toll free" number 1-517-896-0410 to cancel a pending charge of $299 . Didn't call it, as it is a con job to get private info and eventually cause all sorts of losses and grief."
Old Man in Texas(2019-07-29 11:30:02)
"Call but didnt hear it and not in my phone book"
Marpo(2019-07-26 15:56:48)
"Hoax phone call about a subscription - do not phone the call back number."
(2019-07-26 14:15:53)
"Some guy asking for July. This usually goes into a robocall. I told the guy she was busy sucking my dick. He said, "What?" What did you say?" No robocall this time."
menot you(2019-07-26 13:44:59)
(2019-07-26 13:44:57)
"Credit card scam"
(2019-07-26 13:44:12)
"Hilton Hotel sales spam calls."
(2019-07-24 15:18:17)
"Social Security Scam"
(2019-07-23 19:31:30)
"Tax Fraud"
(2019-07-23 19:07:44)
"I received a text"
(2019-07-22 19:25:59)
"Rang three times, hung up. Suspicious"
Dan S(2019-07-22 17:08:54)
"Called my do not call cell phone. It's illegal in my state for soliciting phone calls to be placed to a cell phone without written permission from the cell phone holder & no business has that from me. This business does not nor did it have permission to contact my cell phone."
no(2019-07-21 15:41:51)
"Called me"
(2019-07-20 20:50:11)
""Brandon Jones' office"? WTF?"
Al(2019-07-18 16:12:50)
"7-15-2019, 6054134838, 2:41pm Sioux Falls, SD. Unknown, No message Left??? (Scam)."
Unknown(2019-07-15 22:30:25)
"consent calling and will never leave message ,Try to send message and I get an error response invalid number."
(2019-07-15 15:05:08)
(2019-07-07 18:49:57)
"No name"
(2019-07-06 09:44:40)

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