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Recent comments:

2015-08-17 16:07:50
Is this the locksmith company?
2015-08-17 15:31:32
Aya .leah working at moonwating 2885 Bayview,study at George brown college.
bolun Jiang
2015-08-16 07:25:10
THis number is supposed to be from a Person I met at an online Dating site! The Person mentions it's a mobile phone number. I gather this is a scam that's why I am looking up all Information that I can.
2015-08-15 22:33:26
Easy Loans -
2015-08-14 16:30:09
yes wondering who is doing this
2015-08-14 00:44:55
Debt collection
2015-08-13 18:09:00
caller hung up as soon as my answering machine kicked in , no message, spam suspected
2015-08-12 19:07:32
Created a profile on Zoosk dating site Pretty girl pic with number on screen
2015-08-12 14:31:06
This is a scammer craigslist advertiser. Dont send money, always insist on seeing vehicle first. You will get scammed for your money.
Dont Fall for it
2015-08-12 02:28:52
received a billing charge for long distance from cloverdale on my bill from this unknown number 24 minutes to be exact, i do not know anyone in cloverdale, cannot find who it belongs to to help telus mobility to put and stop charge to my account form this number. Every inquiry shows an ambiguous location of Downtown Vancouver
ticked off
2015-08-09 22:42:03
very weird man
2015-08-09 16:28:41
this is prank caller, he claims to be the nypd, says some one they know has been arrested, andthey must wire 8000 to a bank account to release friend on bail
2015-08-08 12:41:56
Yes I got a call from this #. The person [male voice] left a name of Dave or something similar...............could not get the phone # correct first he gave #312-940-7830 then changed to a bankruptcy claim I was suppose to have filed.nothing of the sort ever happened, he was stupid to even leave a #...stating he would call back. I'm waiting. The # on caller ID was 718-215-9504.........Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens or Staten Island, NY area code is 718.
2015-08-07 17:13:53
don't know who this is
2015-08-07 12:09:51
I got a text from this number stating that they know someone who "Likes" me!! Juvenile! VERY, VERY Irritating!!
2015-08-06 21:19:54
Called and left message but called back and disconnected
2015-08-06 08:11:17
I received a call
2015-08-05 17:19:53
this person has been stalking me. i do not know thim man he delivered pizza to my house from papa jhon at 1 30pm today. i live in nc becarefull.
2015-08-05 15:56:45
I believe this call to be a scam. They first ask if you can hear them before they even say hi and then go straight to what's your birthday to see if you qualify for social security additional benefits. When I told them I had been on disability the past 10 years the guy cut me off and said "you don't qualify and hang up on me.
2015-08-05 10:57:30
called my LL 8/4/15 5:09 pm (AZ MST) was curious & answered but they hung up without speaking :-(
DM in AZ
2015-08-04 21:13:40
Since the number wasn't recognized, I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message.
2015-08-04 19:24:04
Credit card scam offering low interest rates on existing credit cards. Problem is they don't know what credit cards you have or who they are calling.
2015-08-04 15:40:32
Yes, I Received a text and call to schedule a face to face interview. It is a great company. i'm so glad i received the call.
2015-08-04 12:17:45
Scam. Automated voice message. Did not state who message was for. Claiming to be filing a law suit by CRA.
2015-08-04 11:58:40
Ostensibly, this number is supposed to belong to a Dannie Stacy in Rogers AR, but it doesn't look like the Stacy's are guilty. On further investigation it cross-references to a Christopher Bazin in Los Angeles CA. Our little Christopher has a background in communications education, as well as wireless, Microsoft systems and call networking. There's a good chance that Mr Bazin is redirecting spam calls from innocent peoples phone numbers in an attempt to throw off the authorities. His information has been turned in to the FCC, the FBI and the national do not call call registry (which is worthless). Because he knows how to migrate his outbound spam calling to various innocent numbers, he is currently a moving target for authorities. But since the feds have finally learned how to identify some computer and phone-spam criminals a little better than they used to, with your help they may be able to track him down. Please turn him in to the authorities any time his name pops up in connection to spam, telemarketing or harassing calls...
The Red Ryder
2015-08-03 13:39:29
Texted me an answer for my ad, but won't talk on the phone and won't say where they are located. They want my name address to send money order or cashier's check and will arrange pick-up. Smells fishy.
2015-08-02 10:19:45
Show on bill
2015-08-02 00:36:51
Message from this number saying irs and taxes are owed
2015-07-31 13:27:44
Received "ugly" text
2015-07-31 10:03:43

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