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"I received an email from a Gayle Smith, RN with this phone number as her contact. The email was likely a scam as it related to a 'Sleep Study', but this person should not know any of my health details (US has HIPA laws for health privacy). If it is not a scam, then this person is possibly violating US and possibly Canadian laws."
(2019-07-02 17:25:59)
"possible scam unsolicited call for police donations. They never leave messages and call from different area codes."
Mary(2019-07-02 16:59:36)
"Unknown number; did not pick up."
(2019-07-02 16:53:15)
"potential dangerous no message left"
(2019-07-02 12:03:49)
"got a text"
(2019-06-29 11:34:55)
"I received multiple calls from 281 578-0265 stating, "This call is from the Department of Social Security administration and the reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that we just suspend your Social Security number because we found some suspicious if you want to know about this case just press one. Thank you." I suspect fraud."
(2019-06-27 13:51:15)
"No text , just on the Caller ID. Left no message. When I called back a Hispanic gentleman answered, he asked if I was from Los Vegas (NOT) and said I had the wrong number. It was a direct dial back June 18, 8:39 AM. This is very suspicious since I do own property in Sebring, FL I was concerned . I do not have a Sebring Phone number. I believe it was some kind of Scam. I just do not know what kind"
Dee(2019-06-21 16:15:20)
Dick(2019-06-20 16:28:12)
"Hang up! Scam!"
(2019-06-20 13:15:01)
"Bogus call/voicemail"
(2019-06-13 18:40:38)
"Received an email from this number with no identification of sender"
(2019-06-12 22:37:38)
"Caller left no message"
name(2019-06-11 12:15:26)
"She is a herpes ass whore snitch"
(2019-06-11 08:58:04)
"Caller had a female voice and was speaking in chinese"
(2019-06-10 20:24:32)
"Phony Student Loans (Scam)"
(2019-06-10 19:16:12)
"Impersonating someone else here the message I got from my credit report bureau: The requester VERIZON WIRELESS tried to access your ---- Credit Report, but couldn't because your report is locked."
(2019-06-10 09:15:14)
"Calls every day, Call ID: Reader SVC"
(2019-06-06 10:02:34)
"i think shes a hooker"
daddy(2019-06-05 21:26:48)
" Beagle free after asking where at Prince George BC Okay drive from Ashcroft to Prince George all day drive for free dog. Told address was fake home for sale no one knew this person. After says names is Jones walker not true the email is paid 275.00 for paper transfer then asking for shipping cost of $450.00 with Safewaylogisticinternational caller no name asking for extra cost for box at $2000.00 pay now with google play cards all wanting only Goggle play cards text them. All scams"
(2019-06-05 21:25:32)
"Received call (voicemail). VM stated name as Paul Olson but did not specify any subject matter. Just said he was in his car and to call. Call came to my landline."
(2019-06-05 16:04:29)
"PPO insurance solicitation call"
(2019-06-05 12:49:45)
"PPO Insurance plan solicitation"
(2019-06-05 12:48:47)
"Cell phone caller caller ID shows Louise Capehart but caller says she's Rachel Stevens & needs to talk about the student load for payment options because of changes that has taken place. Call back at 888-393-0194 Gee, didn't know a student loan was even done for someone in this house hold. So funny as there is none, scammer caller"
h(2019-06-03 16:38:19)
"This number is being used for a Social Security scam."
Butch(2019-05-30 15:19:51)
(2019-05-30 13:03:02)
"phone call"
(2019-05-30 11:09:32)
(2019-05-28 16:45:38)
"Calls and leaves no messages"
(2019-05-24 21:12:10)
"Received a call, not a text message."
(2019-05-23 14:56:41)
"didn't answer never left message"
jscott5/22/19(2019-05-22 14:29:52)

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