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"Came up as UPS-DIAD_3. Did not take call"
JDM(2018-05-09 17:19:33)
"Caller didn't leave message"
xx(2018-05-09 14:04:21)
"Recording in bad shape with threat to have me arrested for allegations against me if I don't call them back in 24 hrs. Phone number belongs to Jagdev Singh XXXXX 89th Ave. Jamica N.Y. 11432 also listed at xxx 189th Ave. Jamica N.Y. 11432"
private(2018-05-09 12:26:30)
"who is this pest?"
(2018-05-08 16:46:43)
"Got a call from this number telling me not to hang up - this was not a sales call - responding to my recent request about my chronic pain - Guess what, I hung up and blocked number. Sick of these calls!!!!"
Sadie(2018-05-08 12:31:47)
"Extreme;y rude person claiming to be selling health insurance , told me Donald Trump is sleeping with a porn star and asked if i was living under a rock"
(2018-05-07 14:14:10)
"Over the past several weeks I have received multiple calls from this phone number that carries no caller ID from the Grand Rapids area and get no verbal response when I answer only a pause and hang-up. Very irritating. Dated May 7th 2018."
(2018-05-07 13:24:22)
"Number called me - telling me I needed to call them about my tax filings. Telling me I will be taken into custody by the local police as there are 4 serious allegation pressed on my name at this time. They requested I get in contact with them so they can discuss this case before taking any legal action against me."
(2018-05-07 10:09:00)
"This person has been harassing me"
(2018-05-05 17:15:05)
"Refinance scammer from Springfield Ohio cell phone"
ewrrew(2018-05-05 13:53:35)
"got a wrong number call"
(2018-05-04 17:58:43)
"This is a robo caller. Member card holder services. hang up."
(2018-05-04 16:21:11)
"Caller ID showed Yaskawa Mot Caller didn't leave message. Just another scammer calling"
wewer(2018-05-04 16:03:23)
"received call from this number wanting to talk about my credit cards not 2 hours after I entered the Harris Teeter shopping survey-looks like they are selling contact info"
drewp(2018-05-03 19:17:36)
"Robot claiming to be from US Gov."
(2018-05-03 16:31:31)
"Calling saying we have called him and he is returning our call. We made no calls"
T(2018-05-03 15:16:45)
"They call every day, never leave a message. When I called them back and informed them I was on the do not call list I was cursed out and hung up on. They made up some story about trying to get in touch with community service or some nonsense and when I suggested they start looking for the correct number is when they started cursing and hung up."
(2018-05-03 12:06:14)
"Called. Don't know what caller wanted. Complaints on another site, people don't know what caller wants either."
werewr(2018-05-03 12:05:20)
"said that IRS was bringing a lawsuit against us. to call this number right away. The person was hard to understand. Spoke English but was from another country like India or middle east."
(2018-05-02 20:08:17)
"This is a possible scammer."
(2018-05-02 15:50:08)
(2018-05-02 10:40:25)
"Scam - claiming to be from DEA"
(2018-05-01 13:05:33)
"Rings 3 times and leaves no message. SPAM caller!"
(2018-05-01 10:09:59)
"Home wrecking bitch"
(2018-04-30 23:22:15)
"Prank caller"
(2018-04-30 22:16:54)
"missed an unidentified call - might be okay"
(2018-04-30 19:47:02)
"Left threatening phone call. Taxes warrant will be issued for my arrest. Obvious spam."
Bill(2018-04-30 10:53:33)
"A recorded message in Chinese!"
(2018-04-30 10:06:45)
(2018-04-28 19:58:42)
"Calls on my cell phone periodically. I do not answer calls from numbers I do not know or has no name attached. They never leave a voice mail and always call during working hours. Very annoying."
Di1228(2018-04-27 18:20:27)

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