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Recent comments:

"Called and left no message at 4:30pm 11/13/2017. Tried calling number back and it doesn't even ring."
EG(2017-11-13 16:42:35)
"says it is a text on;y number when you call it"
jd(2017-11-13 08:23:39)
Fabe(2017-11-10 21:36:53)
"Cra scam"
(2017-11-09 21:39:38)
"received a call from unknown number at 3:33 pm. left no message."
(2017-11-09 16:52:32)
(2017-11-09 12:15:14)
"My dad"
(2017-11-07 18:36:47)
"Did not leave a message."
(2017-11-06 19:50:49)
"Obviously spoofed telemarketing call; one of several in the last week from SD numbers."
(2017-11-06 12:18:20)
"I received a bogus automated call concerning credit card from this number - on 11-3-17"
(2017-11-03 12:30:12)
"I got a text asking if this was still my number."
(2017-11-02 18:09:27)
"Yes, I did they claimed I committed a fraud with the U.S. government in hiding money... I am a retired single woman... this is a freaking scam...."
penny(2017-11-02 17:16:18)
"Computer generated voice saying they are the IRS and filing a lawsuit against me and they need additional information, ask me to call back and get this resolved. No Name left, not a "human" voice. I am on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. Call several times a day everyday for two weeks at various times of the day"
(2017-11-02 09:34:30)
"An unwanted call from this Santa Monica cell number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence. This is the tactic of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who continuously troll the phone lines, desperately seeking gullible schmucks to victimize. There is some evidence the perpetrator is a scam solar energy contractor. of whom there are many. The website describes this number as "scam or fraud." I'm soooooo surprised!!!!!!"
Quick Brown Fox(2017-11-01 15:36:17)
"called left no message"
(2017-10-31 17:19:25)
(2017-10-30 15:58:10)
"obvs. some harsh creep - get a clue! I’m not interrested douche!"
(2017-10-30 05:18:44)
"Called at 9:49 AM Oct. 29, 2017. No one spoke when I answered."
(2017-10-29 10:00:00)
"This caller sent an obscene text; reported to the police."
(2017-10-28 10:50:17)
"They called my phone and said that they were a bank (First Financial Bank) and that I was approved for an $8,000.00 loan wanted my banking information. I told them I need to call back and that I could find it they gave me this number. I called back and there was no answer."
Lynn(2017-10-27 18:12:48)
"these dummys keep calling"
lb(2017-10-25 13:07:03)
"This report is wrong"
Ron Pickett(2017-10-24 20:38:49)
"Wow, this debt collector really likes to threaten and scare you. You can listen to the actual voicemail message recently received from them: / Please reply if you know the name of this company!"
DCBoy(2017-10-23 15:23:46)
"IRS scam ? or am I really being seued by IRS ?"
dosburn2(2017-10-23 14:49:45)
"Calls constantly and then hangs up!"
(2017-10-23 11:56:04)
"Caller let phone ring 3 times then hung up. Caller ID showed US ARMY RECRUIT"
jkjergt'pjwer'jt(2017-10-19 16:49:17)
"Scam! Student Loan scam. Was told to remove my number from the calling list and he threatened to call thousands of times."
(2017-10-19 13:37:04)
"Call . When I called number not in service."
(2017-10-18 14:19:11)
"You are a 15 seed you play at #2 Lowville on Wednesday 10/18 at 6 pm"
(2017-10-17 19:40:54)
"Called not speaking, held on until my answer machine hung the call up."
(2017-10-17 14:20:11)

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