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"Caller didn't leave message, but this is a complaint other people are leaving on this caller. I am not a business either. Here's what is being said.............. Recorded message, male: "Hello. (pause) Yeah I was calling to find out if you were interested in generating inbound leads. If so, our system will generate inbound leads on demand, literally with the push of a button. Uh, it'll call thousands of targeted prospects for hours, leave a message on their answering machine and giving them an automated message like this when they pick up the phone. If you'd like to find out more about how my system works, press one to talk to me now or to deny the leads press two and I won't bother you again." Long pause. Recorded message, female: "That was an invalid entry." Pause, then apparently live caller, with sound of call center in the background: "Thank you for pressing one, this is Giovanni with Celerity Telecom. Are you interested in generating inbound leads using a dialer? ""
xxxxxx(2017-05-26 11:16:10)
"yes. they asked who is this. but i would not reply. They tried this once before but I would not let them know who I am. IT is problem a ploy."
Woody(2017-05-25 23:34:43)
"the caller left a lude message on my voicemail, which said, "Hey Mama, I'm gonna fuck you in the pussy". would not answer a return call, nor identify himself via text. when I informed the caller via text I was going to block the number, the response was, "ok hoe". so juvenile."
(2017-05-25 18:29:11)
"C. Thompson called our office and used very disgusting language to insult me. Very nasty lady."
(2017-05-24 14:42:03)
"Getting too many illegal soliciting phone calls to my cell phone from the (937)-266 exchange. It's illegal in my state for soliciting phone calls be placed to a cell phone without written permission from the cell phone holder & no business has that from me."
.......(2017-05-24 10:38:30)
"WARNING, WARNING!!!!!May 22, 2017 @ 10:53, a computer voice said "you have a text message from Susan, ( I don't know any Susan's)press 1 to hear ". I pushed 1, line went dead. May 22, 2017 @ 10:54, the phone rang again. No caller ID, it rang 6-7 times, I didn't pick up.( I have voice mail & should have only rang 3-4 times). The phone did not register a call!!!!!! & no voice mail. I pushed talk & hung up 5,6 times. Then @11:00am the first # called again, didn't pick up, no Voice mail... TRYING TO HIJACK MY #, BEWARE!!!! Calling the police and phone company NOW!!!!!"
(2017-05-22 11:12:08)
"Scammer texting Craigslist ads posing as a potential buyer of an item only to get your phone number and address. Beware of this number."
ben dubt(2017-05-21 09:18:09)
"IRS Scam..."
G(2017-05-18 15:58:50)
"Recorded message says the IRS has found suspicious activity and I should return the call before an arrest warrant is issued."
(2017-05-18 13:39:11)
"Suspicious person posing as a buyer of items for sale. Beware. Fraud."
(2017-05-18 09:44:59)
"It is illegal in my state to place soliciting phone calls to a cell phone without written permission to contact the cell phone number from the cell phone holder. No business has that from me. Caller also calling from 937-266-6537"
xx(2017-05-17 14:54:31)
"I report each & every soliciting phone call I receive as I'm on the do not call list. Caller ID: Harry Browder Jr. 714 Washington St. Versailles OH 45380-1346"
(2017-05-17 14:20:10)
"saying they're calling about the computer"
(2017-05-17 13:54:01)
"got a unsolicited call in texas from this number trying to sell narcotics and marijuana to me at discount pricing... i just told him to hlod on a moment while i het the chief of police on the phone, they hung up"
bobby(2017-05-16 20:29:26)
"got a unsolicited call in texas from this number trying to sell narcotics and marijuana to me at discount pricing... i just told him to hlod on a moment while i het the chief of police on the phone, they hung up"
bobby(2017-05-16 20:28:33)
"Caller called / asked personal information, it's obvious they don't know me, thou the caller contributed to phone harass me"
(2017-05-15 16:38:27)
john(2017-05-15 12:33:42)
"Got a text with only the initial T... I won't text back"
PT(2017-05-14 16:28:39)
"Called on 5/12/17. Caller ID was the date/time name (V51211331000504). The area code was already blocked so it didn't ring but was on caller ID. This is the 5th caller from this area code (all with different numbers). No idea who they are as they never left a VM (not that many scammers do!). Just block the number/area code"
LindsayDD(2017-05-14 13:46:12)
"Caller ID shows (518) 328-6393 when I called back a person answered not voice mail."
Anonymous(2017-05-13 08:41:13)
"This is a Collection Agency."
Bingo.(2017-05-12 09:22:09)
"763-567-0196 calls like we ae friends don't know who this is?? Scam Fraud or dumb ass."
Feed up(2017-05-11 12:25:39)
"Claimed I had work being done today at my house , knew my address and name after further talking figured out he wanted roof information. We were disconnected and his number wont allow callbacks. Man sounded from the country. False advertising because I did not have any work scheduled today. If he was calling me he should have known the answers to his questions."
Plainfield il(2017-05-10 12:59:57)
"Caller ID showed the call coming from Xenia Ohio. I see it's a cell phone number. Caller didn't leave message, just held on the line for a few seconds before hanging up. The caller had some bad connection, was static heard."
xx(2017-05-10 09:30:56)
"I got a request for payment from this number"
RD(2017-05-09 14:49:40)
"One phone number take it"
Sudheer(2017-05-08 08:26:24)
"Owner daniel garibay with two children norby a. Garibay and bella garibay. He is 38 divorcee"
(2017-05-07 23:14:36)
"Unknown number. Won't leave a message."
(2017-05-07 16:51:19)
"Scam. IRS is coming to arrest me. When I call back no one answers. Get the exact same auto message from other numbers"
(2017-05-05 14:37:53)
"Called but left no message"
(2017-05-04 15:59:21)

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