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"Text Asking for car for sale info"
(2018-01-10 18:00:12)
(2018-01-10 14:18:49)
"Yes, it was a man who didn't introduce himsel it seems to be a scam ,he keeps on calling i don't have an idea how he got my phone #."
Mincha(2018-01-10 12:11:37)
"An unwanted call from this Oxnard VOIP number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence. This is the calling card of robocallers - unlawful telemarketers who troll the phone lines, preying on gullible schmucks to victimize. Predators like these are why you should LET YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE TAKE THEIR PATHETIC CALLS."
Quick Brown Fox(2018-01-10 12:01:21)
mike(2018-01-08 20:06:03)
"receiver a call from this number but no messagw"
flippy2u(2018-01-08 18:35:09)
"Calls almost daily.....then they hang up...very annoying"
Ed(2018-01-08 14:47:50)
"Caller ID says "CCI" but does not leave a message"
(2018-01-07 13:13:44)
"Naira Cardi using romance, sex, and trickery to scam elderly men for money for mortgage payments and support for her pet rescue in Etna, Ohio. She is also using two other phone numbers for this scam....614-804-0381 and 419-722-6848"
dennis(2018-01-06 10:07:49)
"Called 1-4-18 and did not leave message"
(2018-01-04 15:23:31)
"Woman's' Computer Generated Voice Caller tries to say they are on a recorded line, does not engage in conversation in real time. obviously a fake phone caller that is a telemarketer."
JS(2018-01-04 14:40:35)
"979-256-0066 calls stating I have applied for an Advance loan. I have never applied for any type of loan."
christie(2018-01-04 12:56:12)
SARA SMITH(2018-01-03 20:03:24)
"I received a call at 3:44 AM EST when answered no one was there."
(2018-01-03 07:54:30)
"This number is being used to catfish people on Craigslist. The person has been caught impersonating me and my wife with our pictures."
AC(2018-01-02 10:33:39)
"I keep getting called by this number 808-352-5894. I don't even live in Hawaii. I've asked repeatedly that they not call me. I'm on a no-call list, but they keep calling at all hours of the day and night. This is harassment! STOP CALLING ME!!!!! I've reported the harassing calls, but they keep calling."
(2017-12-29 16:27:13)
"Poggenpohl Installation Manager"
John(2017-12-28 14:27:00)
"Naira Cardi using friend/relatives phone to romance and scam elderly men for money. Both phone numbers registered to her have almost 200 complaints lodged against each number. 614-641-5270 and 419-722-6848"
teresa(2017-12-27 22:40:32)
"I received a call from this number when I pick the call no answer..then I called back is not a working number"
Lax(2017-12-27 17:20:20)
"Valid/Safe caller. This is a number sometimes used by the AMERICAN RED CROSS checking on people affected by a house fire."
(2017-12-27 17:10:52)
"Telling us our credit card is frozen and to immediately call them, right!"
e53turner(2017-12-27 16:12:09)
"naira cardi romancing and scamming old men for money"
dennis(2017-12-26 17:02:22)
(2017-12-23 22:15:17)
"214-446-0718 has made several calls to my cell phone. The caller had a foreigners heavy accents that was unintelligible."
chbis(2017-12-21 22:28:54)
"Who is this"
(2017-12-21 14:06:53)
"Multiple calls. No messages"
(2017-12-19 13:11:34)
"Called my cell phone. I do not give my cell phone number out to businesses. My cell phone is for emergency use."
xxx(2017-12-19 09:13:35)
"Naira Cardi using relatives phone to scam senior men for money. Her phone 6146415270 has 190+ complaints so she's using someone else's phone."
jame(2017-12-18 21:33:18)
"Naira Cardi using relatives phone to scam senior citizen men to pay her mortgage"
(2017-12-18 17:31:40)
"They left me a threaten voice message and when I called the number back from a different number, they answered (didn't say anything and hung up."
(2017-12-18 14:47:28)

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