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Recent comments:

Texted me an answer for my ad, but won't talk on the phone and won't say where they are located. They want my name address to send money order or cashier's check and will arrange pick-up. Smells fishy.
2015-08-02 10:19:45
Show on bill
2015-08-02 00:36:51
Message from this number saying irs and taxes are owed
2015-07-31 13:27:44
Received "ugly" text
2015-07-31 10:03:43
Person phones and says nothing -- seems to be breathing - or occasionally making some sort of noise. Must not have much to do with their time? Sad.
2015-07-30 21:27:32
2015-07-30 14:17:04
Keeps calling. I don't answer and when the answering machine kicks in, they hang up. I've received about 10 calls from them in the last week.
2015-07-30 12:06:23
Caller didn't leave message. Another web with complaints out on this number, people are saying caller doesn't leave message. Others who do answer the phone call state the caller then hangs up.
2015-07-29 21:13:38
Caller ID says Web Ranking Recording blabbed about GE Home Security (Scam)
2015-07-29 20:44:56
My boyfriend work phone they called him I answer hangup
2015-07-28 23:10:46
This number claims to be a person whom works through A J Lynx Marketing in Saint Laurent, QC. They want my boss credit card number to process marketing for 2 months of his business w remax companies..
2015-07-28 17:33:36
2015-07-28 12:47:04
2015-07-27 18:08:08
2015-07-27 14:59:26
2015-07-27 11:02:23
Who is this?
2015-07-27 10:36:30
I just want to know who called me that's all
2015-07-23 09:39:52
The owner of this phone is contacting elderly people pretending to be their grand daughter and who is in trouble and needs money to get bailed out of it. Using Western Union to have victims send money or obtaining credit card info over phone. Beware of this scam.
2015-07-22 17:18:43
Rude caller with lots of questions but no time for answers, then calls me rude!
2015-07-22 14:01:31
Verizon customer name greg and zipcode 95823
2015-07-21 21:43:27
recd missed call
2015-07-21 16:10:55
spam call
2015-07-21 15:21:13
Received call today on my cell. Did not leave message. Assume unsolicited sales call.
2015-07-21 15:18:20
Dead silence when I picked up. I called the number and after one ring into the line further rings ceased as if the reciver were able to disengage an incoming call. 7/21/15 at 1:40 PM
2015-07-21 13:50:01
hung up on ans machine--CID says Michigan--probably a spoofed #
2015-07-21 09:27:42
unknown caller to my spouse
2015-07-21 04:52:05
2015-07-20 17:21:48
A threatening message about Tax Evasion and Fraud and threatening for sheriffs to come to our house.
2015-07-17 19:29:13
reverse look-up
2015-07-17 09:08:10
The guy is a creep and he prays in young women and is a rat
2015-07-17 04:08:37

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