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Recent comments:

"I missed your call. Who is this .you called"
(2018-03-13 16:50:15)
"Keep getting calls. No message left. I never answer."
Jay(2018-03-13 13:48:06)
"Called saying they were the irs. Bogus and a scam"
Sue(2018-03-12 19:31:49)
"Will not leave a message... receiving quite a few recently"
PT(2018-03-12 11:25:09)
"I am sure this person is innocent, but I get robot calls every day for 2 years, non-stop. I am on Do Not Call Registry since 2009, does no good. Bought Verizon Call blocker in addition paying for that and regular bill, still gets through. From Jan 2018 to March 10 I have received 78 calls that were scams and robot calls. They are the IRS one day looking to arrest me by the 'local cops' for 4 allegations. Nest day police benefit looking for fund raiser money. Next day, my PC has been compromised, I must call back 'MS Security' to get it fixed. Just scammers trying to rip me off. They even stole MY PHONE NUMBER and call me with it!! I was told by Verizon that they tried to hack into my phone account and change my password. These people are CRIMNINALS, but yet get away scott free. Go figure. I reported at least 60 times to FCC, but nobody cares."
ML(2018-03-10 16:51:04)
"claimed to be a police officer, gave a fake badge number"
(2018-03-08 19:52:11)
"automated threatening IRS call re: lawsuit, arrest etc. I live in Arizona"
(2018-03-07 16:56:56)
"repeated automated call and/or when answered caller hangs-up."
(2018-03-07 10:38:23)
"They called no one on line when I answered and called back right away and no one answered 2 times right after they called me"
Sue(2018-03-06 17:54:27)
"I received info to wire money to this person 5,000.00 for a brief case for Jason Aldean. a Mr.Gibson"
Stephanie(2018-03-06 16:02:21)
"Calling randomly and doesn’t leave a message! Spammers or telemarketers"
Nicole(2018-03-05 16:03:30)
"It rings once or twice and then is gone. Never leaves a message."
(2018-03-05 13:47:12)
"this person at 3066 e23rd ave vancovuer bc v5r1b3 would marry to a person living at 3245 e23rd ave vancouver bc v5r1b6, they will love each other they will be living happier than before, therefore, these new couple would be created in husband and wife in later years. please congra them forever"
(2018-03-04 02:27:25)
"they called 10 times in 5 min. no message"
(2018-03-01 20:42:24)
"I have been receiving incessant calls from people claiming to be calling me because at one point I took advantage of a hilton hotel package. Can you please verify if the following phone number is one that someone would've called me from today? 949-333-0415 The man calling me did not respond kindly when I told him it was one of several calls I'd received in the last 24 hours, and then proceeded to call me a bitch."
L Russell(2018-02-27 10:25:24)
"Recorded message about new interest rates on my credit card but doesn't identify who the company is. Questionable for sure. I hung up."
TD(2018-02-26 18:07:51)
"SPAM / Telemarketer number: A recorded message saying they were from my credit card company, but never said who that was. Then said there is no problem with my card but if I wanted a lower interest rate to press 9 now. After repeating the press 9 now twice, it hung up."
WAL(2018-02-26 17:16:03)
"repeat caller, unknown caller"
anonymous(2018-02-26 14:00:24)
"Eduardo Estrada uses different numbers to solicit people for sex 609 586 0195 6099471577 609 610 0138 beware he shouldnt be doing this he could be damaging his career as a LPN Nurse take his license away!"
None(2018-02-26 11:45:28)
"Eduardo Estrada uses different numbers to solicit people for sex 609 586 0195 6099471577 609 610 0138 beware he shouldnt be doing this he could be damaging his career as a LPN Nurse take his license away!"
None(2018-02-26 11:43:34)
"hang up. does not leave a message when answering machine picks up."
jo(2018-02-23 15:15:08)
GREGORY J. GONTAREK(2018-02-23 13:52:32)
"Obviously from a call center. Middle eastern accent offering to sell me something for my reported back pain. Obvious scam."
(2018-02-23 11:44:30)
"I receive many phone calls from this number, I don't answer the calls, and there hasn't been a voice mail."
(2018-02-23 10:32:26)
"missed call"
(2018-02-22 17:36:28)
"nuisance caller, calls landline and cell multiple times per day, no message"
(2018-02-20 18:52:31)
"message said someone you know said something cool about you. when I replied stop another message back from same area code and prefix that said you wont be getting any more messages We love you."
(2018-02-20 17:40:41)
"Number called me and left no message. Scam"
Redrose(2018-02-20 17:29:50)
"got a text message - no content - called back and was told this number is not in service. Assume it was a robo call."
(2018-02-20 16:51:51)
"received a text with attachment"
(2018-02-20 13:27:07)

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