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"alarm went off, SE police are lookimng into it, thought we were 445"
(2019-10-17 14:56:05)
"missed call"
(2019-10-16 19:18:36)
"Calls everyday to Florida and hangs up"
(2019-10-16 12:11:48)
"Sending obnoxious text messages"
(2019-10-16 11:30:22)
"Called but did not leave a message.. don't know anyone from Danbury CT."
(2019-10-16 10:39:05)
"Person called by the name of Whitney Laine, asking questions about our company, saying she's updating information for Daphne, AL. She would only give her first name and wouldn't say who she was with. She asked a lot of questions for somebody that didn't want to answer many."
Cindy(2019-10-14 15:26:09)
S(2019-10-11 19:59:51)
"Text.. Nothing special."
(2019-10-10 17:18:49)
"Got a call. Left no message"
(2019-10-09 12:15:36)
"Said he was from federal government and that I owed money and I should stay on the phone to speak directly to an investigator... Terminology used was wrong for the country I live in and I'm not staying on the phone with some hack who is trying to steal money from me. Bad enough to deal with the thieves from the tax department now there's a new brand of thief! Get a real job, maybe with your credentials you could work for the government after all we don't hire people who were born here so you might as well jump in with the bunch of foreigners who I can't understand and threaten me yet one more time! Jerk off!"
Jerked off by Gov't agent(2019-10-07 19:10:19)
DEB(2019-10-03 16:51:48)
"Unknown number and doesn't leave messages."
Sue(2019-10-02 20:19:44)
(2019-10-02 15:11:22)
"turns water off & & on & dripping sound"
(2019-10-01 07:36:44)
"I receive atleast 24 calls with no voicemails per day."
(2019-09-30 17:37:11)
"The owner of this phone is a pedophile."
(2019-09-27 15:43:48)
"The threatened a federal warrant for income tax fraud, this is a scam"
(2019-09-27 11:16:31)
"cassidy stich is number"
(2019-09-25 17:18:11)
JWOLOTSCHAJ@G MAIL.COM(2019-09-25 10:33:35)
JWOLOTSCHAJ@G MAIL.COM(2019-09-25 10:32:20)
"Say they're from Microsoft and do I want to cancel my $299 subscription. Comes up Bearss Carol."
Diane(2019-09-20 13:31:19)
"This number called me. No idea who this is? I’m not expecting no one to call me at the moment."
(2019-09-18 05:23:34)
"Asking for a Jason"
(2019-09-17 15:32:39)
"Call from"
(2019-09-17 12:33:26)
"Hangs up leaves no msg, nor call back"
(2019-09-16 09:58:45)
(2019-09-12 15:13:27)
"No It is a unknown phone"
Tram Ton(2019-09-10 18:38:50)
(2019-09-10 16:42:09)
"No one there when the call is answered. Called the number back and it says that the number is a non working number. Obviously a scammer."
deb(2019-09-09 16:22:52)
"Several times we have received a call from this number (508) 598-0488. However, they never leave a message."
AH(2019-09-04 16:22:54)

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