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"Didn’t answer but this is the transcript of the automated message “SM ignoring this would be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance is before the magistrate judge _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ jury for a federal criminal offense so before this matter goes to Federal claims court house for you again after arrested kindly call us back on our number 505-365-0470 I repeat 505-365-0470 as soon as possible…”"
Canela(2019-01-15 16:50:47)
"Received a call from this number but no sound on the other end and no voice - finally hung up"
(2019-01-15 16:13:02)
"A text message was received from this number saying my account had been suspended. Who does this number belong to?"
(2019-01-15 12:03:43)
"Received a call but no message left."
Hate solicitor calls(2019-01-14 15:34:13)
"Not able to return the call."
(2019-01-11 14:36:32)
"I received a call from this number and didn't answer it. they left a message stating they are going to suspend my social (I'm guessing social security number) because of some suspicious activities. I'm on the DO NOT CALL LIST and I have apps on my cell phone that blocks spam calls or alerts me that I'm about to receive a spam call. I didn't receive one for this number"
prm(2019-01-11 10:24:50)
"I received a call on my mobile phone and do not know who was calling me. I am on National Do Not Call Registry!"
(2019-01-10 12:38:00)
(2019-01-09 14:32:52)
"Phone number called no message & called back Unknown Male hung up."
D.M.(2019-01-09 10:14:48)
"They called twice today but I didn't pick up the phone. They didn't leave message which proves they are a telemarketer."
Diana(2019-01-08 17:42:39)
"Did not answer add number not recognized. No message x 2 calls on 2 separate dates."
(2019-01-08 11:43:06)
"Caller ID showed Halock Security at 847-221-0385. I cut the call off before they could speak because I never heard of them and never used them or called them which proves it's another scam telemarketer."
Diana(2019-01-07 15:23:25)
"Yea been calling me nonstop"
(2019-01-07 10:33:09)
"Caller ID showed FedEx Ground. I called FedEx & they said this number IS NOT one of their business phone numbers. Scammer calling."
mad(2019-01-03 18:33:56)
"I answered, no one said anything, about 5 seconds, then they hung up."
Louisa(2019-01-03 18:21:34)
"spam call asserted they were returning my call. Was a private phone number but t-mobile visual phone mail had this one."
(2019-01-03 17:11:43)
"They never answer when I say he!lo..they just hang up"
(2019-01-02 16:51:40)
"Calls 3, 4, 5 time sa day; but does not leave a message"
MM(2018-12-27 17:07:40)
"spam call, american express telling me that i win something"
khan(2018-12-21 14:01:18)
"I received this on my voicemail from this phone number: "Hello this call is from the legal department of social security administration. My federal batch ID number is SS89165. The purpose of this call is regarding an enforcement action which has been executed by the US Treasury against your social security number. Ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearances before the magistrate judge or exempt jury for a federal criminal offense so before this matter goes to federal claims court house or you get arrested. Kindly call us back on our number that is 509-252-0758 I repeat 509-252-0758 so get back on this number as soon as possible.""
(2018-12-20 13:07:55)
"This is a computer message, and a bad computer voice,. It is a scam to call back about some legal proceeding ..."
(2018-12-20 10:38:12)
"get calls from number no message not clue why keep calling"
(2018-12-19 14:58:52)
"Got 3 calls in two minutes on a work desk-phone number. No message left. Other searches confirmed the area of this number and provided a name (I am not providing it hear). I do not know that person, so I am assuming this is a wrong number."
nope(2018-12-18 10:03:57)
"Scammer in Kentucky have no dealings in that state threats and calls even though a blocked call help part of very LG scam"
brenda(2018-12-17 18:46:22)
(2018-12-17 11:52:15)
(2018-12-17 09:38:19)
"Scammer calls on sun am during week threats scanner wants money part of LG scam be careful"
brenda(2018-12-16 13:45:43)
"This number is sending spam and or telemarketing. Calling my phone multiple times a day asking to buy my home. They leave a voice message, female voice, saying to call back if you want to sell your home leaving 8015150177. I left a vm asking never to call me again. They still call. I have blocked the call but I get the vm's anyway. Believe this is an automated system calling numbers."
(2018-12-15 14:13:37)
"Multiple calls from this number with a recorded message. Content of the recorded message is that they are a agent of the IRS and that some social security number had been compromised and they require a call back to 951-968-0933. The english and pronunciation used in the message indicates that the person who recorded the message is not a native speaker of the english language. This is an indication that the message is a scam."
ddl7(2018-12-13 15:18:46)
"No name pop up with caller ID. I picked up phone and there was dead silence - I said nothing and after 2 minutes hung up."
(2018-12-13 10:25:48)

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