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Recent comments:

"Call at 7:11 this morning in Ottawa Canada. this is Microsoft security services calling about your computer,"
(2020-02-28 09:18:20)
"Oh yes I did for several years and it was good until the end and she became like all hoes"
Mike Curn(2020-02-28 03:19:58)
"the idiots tried calling me at 04:29 am, now blocked...."
wgacad(2020-02-24 16:32:49)
"This was flagged as "Danny" and he was offering to buy my house."
(2020-02-21 10:58:10)
"The caller ID said it was Sandia National Labs. When I picked up the call, it was a recorded credit card telemarketer I have gotten before. If I get it again, I will just let it go to voicemail to get the number they want you to call because they obviously spoofed one of Sandia's numbers"
KC(2020-02-20 14:06:13)
"I receive txt msgs from this number and it contains subject matters that I’ve searched for on a private search engine."
(2020-02-19 03:48:55)
"The phone number 4805873548 was from an Adult Entertainment company located in or near Chandler, Arizona. The female caller identified herself only as Liz and claimed to be following up on an appointment made earlier in the week for a dinner companion which obviously was not me. After some research I was able to confirm this number is associated with a female escorting service in or near Chandler, Arizona"
Anonymous(2020-02-18 20:37:06)
"I have received 4 calls from this number. Twice left message. They started out speaking in english and then started speaking in spanish."
Rich(2020-02-18 15:27:23)
"called asked a question and hung up"
(2020-02-17 15:59:50)
"seems like scam call they want you to call back because of fraudulent activities on your social security number"
concerned(2020-02-14 12:28:28)
"This person has a car my roommate owned that was coming back to him. Got a flat tire at bottom of our road and disappeared before we could retrieve it."
(2020-02-11 15:48:47)
"Automated message upon answering, asking me to press 9!to hear important message."
(2020-02-11 11:52:41)
Tu(2020-02-10 12:04:37)
"Unsolicited caller"
(2020-02-06 11:57:20)
"Going to debit something from our account if we don't call them back."
Janice(2020-02-05 14:13:47)
"You want ME to “share information” about (801) 259-3618? If I HAD ANY, I wouldn’t have come to your “reverse look-up” site to find out who the hell it is, you slimebags! And now, after waiting all this time, you want to CHARGE ME for it?!? I’m just trying to figure out whether it’s a business or a person, and whether they’re trying to reach ME, or just to reach the “potential client” who answers the phone! NO, I’m not gonna PAY YOU for “all the info” about (801) 259-3618... I don’t give a DAMN who it is, unless it’s someone who needed to speak to ME. CLEARLY, the wiser choice is to NOT fall for stupid sites like yours, and just call the number back— What a waste of time."
Phil McCracken(2020-02-04 01:21:27)
"General spammer"
David Colbert(2020-02-01 02:36:04)
"VBC Research"
(2020-01-28 18:23:38)
"Probably a robocall. Hung up as soon as my voice mail msg started to play"
Eddie reCAPTCHA(2020-01-20 16:35:45)
"Spam caller trying to get your social security number"
NYB(2020-01-14 10:44:58)
"got test Adjustment sent from Carrier billing to deposit in my account $135.60 bUT DIN'T DEPOSIT IT BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHERE IT'S FROM"
John(2020-01-13 21:12:14)
"Number appears to be associated with a dating service in or near Tempe, Arizona"
(2020-01-10 12:21:45)
"Left no message"
(2020-01-09 19:26:02)
"Alaska Area code 907 covers the state of Alaska, except for the small southeastern community of Hyder, which uses area codes 236, 250 and 778 of neighboring Stewart, British Columbia. Cell phone caller not leaving message. Just another scammer"
mel s.(2020-01-09 19:03:50)
"multiple texts"
(2020-01-09 11:02:18)
"No message"
(2020-01-07 16:29:43)
"This number called & did not leave a message, so I blocked the number. On the off chance that the call is legit, they will find another phone from which to call."
(2020-01-07 09:56:57)
"I am a robot & PROUD! Robots Unite & Resist! Meat Puppets must Fall!"
MeatPuppet(2020-01-06 11:37:03)
"I have blocked this number because of numerous calls. Now the leave a voice mail and say "sorry, wrong number". I have asked them to quit calling and they refuse. Even though the number is blocked, they can leave voice mails. STOP"
(2019-12-30 16:04:57)
"Hung up no message 6:17 on a Sunday night."
Big Poppa Pump(2019-12-29 19:08:18)

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