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Recent comments:

"Got a call and want to know who it is (?)"
grey iron mom(2019-03-11 11:19:42)
"Received a computer call that talked about: I qualify for a discount in my electric bill if I paid my bill for the last three months. I hung up. It is a scam. I get the same call every week or two and they change the name of the electric company every time."
(2019-03-08 15:18:36)
"called, no message"
UMP3(2019-03-08 14:21:06)
"called cell phone number which I don't give out to random people and left no message."
GB(2019-03-08 12:14:31)
"Called my cell phone did not leave a message as I could not answer my phone"
Big Guy(2019-03-06 12:52:35)
"anonymous phone caller"
aha(2019-03-04 16:29:11)
"Sales calls"
(2019-03-02 12:27:36)
"another silent robocall."
(2019-03-02 03:23:20)
"another silent robocall."
(2019-03-02 03:21:26)
"another silent robo call"
(2019-03-02 03:20:16)
"NRA 937-615-2367 937-530-6456 937-519-2829 937-505-8571"
mark s(2019-02-28 11:09:00)
"I received a text from this number and they asked if it were me - but don't know who it is."
Harley Davidson(2019-02-27 17:31:51)
"spam caller... number belongs to a private party, that rings to his watch."
(2019-02-26 18:42:24)
"States to call back and if I dont. That they are going to send a notice to my employment as will persue on my property. No name, just a number to call back. The number called from was 209-536-8361, number to call back is 858-258-8458."
(2019-02-26 12:34:39)
"NRA calling those on the do not call list"
bill(2019-02-26 12:02:02)
"Received a text message saying my debit card is temporary locked. Call us now to unlock. Right like that is going to happen. Good Luck Scammer!"
(2019-02-25 20:31:38)
"phone call to me , saying car warranty is expired. Have no car."
(2019-02-25 15:40:49)
"Got a text. Just said "Hey". I did not reply"
(2019-02-25 15:29:40)
"Automated Caller said they have a refund for me because they can no longer service my computer and to select 1on keypad."
D(2019-02-22 16:26:35)
"scamming people through dating website. he/she asks for itunes card refresh. don’t be dragged into a texting correspondence. they are scammers."
(2019-02-20 05:52:51)
"I believe Lynda is a scam caller"
(2019-02-16 18:36:48)
"Who is this we do not know anyone in British Columbia started getting these hang up calls, no id other than the number and British Columbia. Tired of these spam, scam, spying calls"
Jennine(2019-02-15 01:53:43)
"Fraud call - spam"
S(2019-02-14 16:09:48)
"continues to call and does not leave a message"
(2019-02-13 16:38:07)
"Called to make an appointment for "Final arrangement" offer Question him - if he was talking about funeral stated worked for American Senior Care in Florida. I called the organization he mentioned, they'd did authorized this, but I was 2nd person to make these statements to them I'm on "Do not call list" and have been since 2000"
Mac(2019-02-13 16:32:36)
"When I answered my phone they asked me if Larry was there and then hung up."
Larry(2019-02-13 15:36:51)
"Getting several calls from this number, annoying to say the least!!!"
(2019-02-13 14:29:43)
"Phone calls but no messages left."
Sandi(2019-02-13 12:30:49)
"Called my cell phone. I do not give that # out to no business. My cell phone is for emergency use. So calls like this must be a scammer calling."
no(2019-02-12 23:17:17)
"called left no message."
(2019-02-12 10:58:58)

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