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Recent comments:

"posted on Craigs List as investor looking for JV"
JC(2017-07-16 10:33:42)
"This is NOT a landline!!!"
(2017-07-15 00:15:25)
"Got a threatening recorded voice message saying I could be called before a grand jury or magistrate. Wished me good luck if I didn't call back."
(2017-07-13 12:03:46)
"Has called 4 times today with the name of Dir Assist PA. No reason for me to pickup. Each time I block it, another call comes in using same number and name. I won't pick up unless I know the name or number."
Dgnlp(2017-07-12 17:53:54)
"call no message"
Michelle(2017-07-12 13:11:24)
(2017-07-12 10:24:12)
"This is incorrect information. It's not a landline and isn't a Cornelius number."
(2017-07-09 20:29:08)
"This is incorrect information. It's not a landline and isn't a Cornelius number."
(2017-07-09 20:28:36)
jr(2017-07-07 20:04:06)
"recd a call earlier today. no voice mail or text was left. Did not recognize # so did not answer. Accident call???? Just UNKNOWN at this point."
Bets(2017-07-05 18:56:21)
"text 5am asking for my service"
(2017-07-05 06:09:18)
(2017-07-01 20:02:34)
"Credit card SCAMMER! Report them!"
Jesus(2017-06-29 11:31:02)
"Got a call from this number. I did not recognize it. They called again and it went to voicemail. Said name was Singh. That I called "them" and for me to call back. No way. I don't know you or anyone within my home, work or networking named Singh. Phishing. Everyone beware. No available reverse lookup and with my area's prefix. No. Just f'n no."
JRS(2017-06-28 16:42:21)
"cant get tem to quit calling me car warrenty"
ml(2017-06-27 19:47:13)
"Called my phone at 230 am. Must be a scam."
T(2017-06-27 11:24:12)
"3066 e23rd ave lower floor family is engaged with 3245 e23rd ave upper floor family"
neighbourhood(2017-06-26 22:58:59)
"Wanted to collect on "student" loan ..... no school for me, close to retired. TOTAL SCAM"
(2017-06-26 17:59:13)
"Caller is a pretending sugar daddy luring younger guys to talk to him and date without giving anything. If you're a sugar baby researching the number, don't waste your time."
DBDC(2017-06-26 12:35:44)
"Scam on cl"
John(2017-06-24 13:38:42)
"Got text: +15104805872 Calling about the ad."
Peace Love(2017-06-24 12:25:10)
"Calls and hangs up"
(2017-06-21 19:30:28)
"A call."
(2017-06-21 12:08:32)
"Received call telling me that I had a Medicare problem. I hung up asap.MWSM"
(2017-06-21 11:36:08)
"Illegal in my state to call a cell phone # with solicitation without written permission from the cell phone holder. I do not give my cell phone # out to businesses. This was an illegal call to my cell phone."
xxxxxxxxxx(2017-06-21 09:36:50)
"Didn't answer phone. They left no message"
Birdie(2017-06-20 13:56:29)
(2017-06-18 16:03:54)
"Used to be my number. Cai retrieve pictures"
(2017-06-17 04:16:15)
"two calls no message"
(2017-06-16 14:40:24)
(2017-06-16 10:38:53)

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