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Recent comments:

2015-06-23 17:40:54
Don't waste your time with this site, it can't tell the difference between a landline and a cell phone.
2015-06-23 16:06:08
Keeps calling---no msg. Attempts to return call, to determine who is the caller---goes blank after dialing? Annoyed!
2015-06-23 15:16:43
Thief,, soliciting credit card numbers some shithead from India making the calls.. report to FBI
2015-06-23 14:46:16
not sure who it is
2015-06-23 13:38:40
Who is in
2015-06-23 01:52:31
IRS MY ASS! They notify you by mail and do not leave Threatening Messages or Demand you pay over the Phone!
2015-06-22 14:11:44
Said they are the IRS an I'm going to be Audited for Criminal Tax Fraud. Haha! They called the Wrong Number and I have been out of work over a year with a Broken Neck. This guy was too funny. Sounded like he should be running a 7-11!!
2015-06-22 14:04:46
Received multiple calls over the last week from this number. Never leaves a message on answering machine. Caller ID only give phone number with no identifying name.
2015-06-22 14:01:03
Claimed to be the IRS filing a lawsuit against me. Not sure why??? Calling my accountant but betting its a major scam.
2015-06-22 13:23:39
If this is a landline phone how is this person calling me from "card services" then when you get a person on the phone it's something about "college funds" why do people have to be shady?
2015-06-22 10:48:04
2015-06-22 09:37:49
2015-06-20 21:53:43
dis faggot
jerry f
2015-06-19 19:01:33
whos is this
2015-06-19 12:46:38
2015-06-19 11:33:43
This person texted me with a heart, and my wife saw it and got all pissed. Then the person texted me again, claiming to be Justin Beiber, when I call the number, the voicemail answers with Brook.
2015-06-18 15:36:14
Crazy person!
2015-06-18 13:11:31
Complaints on another web state caller ID shows Alarm Co. Everyone posted said the same thing. Today I get a call & they have switched it to the fake phone number they're calling from for the company name, so the number shows up twice on caller ID. Scam outfit trying to come & check your place out to rob you.
2015-06-18 11:58:39
Computer bot called about credit card interest rate reduction.
2015-06-18 10:09:12
This is a scam since when does the IRS call peoples home saying about a law suit.
2015-06-17 14:17:58
Said IRS had filed a lawsuit aginst me. Called back received no reply. Just ring and ring
2015-06-17 13:06:45
Man said he was calling about our electric bill, but he was not from our electric company. He said it was about our bills getting higher. I told him our electric company's rates have gone down and asked what data he was referring to. He waffled and then hung up.
2015-06-17 08:48:58
I got a call at 3 in the morning from this jackass.
2015-06-17 07:32:35
I did extensive research into this phone and location this phone number does not exist and when I went to address location it was a empty field and dump location not even a business.
2015-06-16 15:53:03
2015-06-16 15:34:19
Received call with no message left.
2015-06-16 12:14:57
Won't leave a voicemail
2015-06-16 10:58:15
I know the guy who has this number, what a hunk.
Suzy q
2015-06-16 09:58:50
got a call from 978-533-2675
2015-06-15 20:55:52

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