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"stop call me on my celler phone i am going call police right now"
gail watson(2017-04-26 14:15:20)
"Called the police on this number.. my daughter which is only 8 answered the phone and was asked for her name, age, where she went to school. Tried to get the house address but by that time I took the phone from her and asked who was calling.. He heard it was a man and quickly hung up.. I called back but it just went to voice mail. Reversed checked the number and got nothing.. Watch out for this creep!!"
Brian watt(2017-04-25 01:34:03)
"Caller said I had filled out a form online for burial insurance. All BS cause that never happened!"
(2017-04-24 11:33:19)
"Get calls often...message left is idea what is being said...more than one voice babbling."
(2017-04-23 13:21:24)
"It text me. I do not want to open it. The message flashed on the screen alert style above with a preview, like texts messages do on my phone. At that time it appeared to say something about Oxytocin. The part I can read without opening it reads: " I only got 99 3 this mornin....... " Uncertain if it's a shady hack when clicked."
(2017-04-21 18:03:47)
"Consumer Services Scam"
Me(2017-04-21 11:31:02)
Mark(2017-04-20 15:07:33)
"I opened a google account and when I tried getting into my google account, this unidentified telephone number was attached to it. It is NOT my number. Someone high-jacked my google account with their telephone number."
poi876(2017-04-20 12:19:44)
"I received a text stating i got a etransfer refund from Fido...there trying to get your banking info.. Don't fall for it...."
Lucky(2017-04-19 19:31:29)
"" your health, life, or dental insurance. This is an incredible alternative to the un-afordable care act that have helped thousands save a ton of money on their health insurance while putting them in a better plan. Press 1 to speak to an insurance guru. Press 2 to be removed fro the call list." scam scam scam. you can not get insurance now because the enrollment window is closed until it's opened again in the fall."
xx(2017-04-19 18:07:25)
"I've got a call (and a phone message) from: (912)-398-5168, a few times during the last few days: It said: “This message is intended to contact you. My name is Scott Johnson and I am calling regarding immediate enforcement actions executed by U.S. Treasury, intending to your serious attention. Ignoring this will be an initial second attempt to avoid an appearance before a magistrate or grand jury court for federal offenses.” The message a included a number to call back, which was the same on the Caller ID display (912)-398-5168. When that number was dialed, a man answered the phone claiming he was an officer with the Treasury Department. In the background, I was hearing some other people making similar. This call from (912)-398-5168 is 100% SCAM!!!"
Bahubalu(2017-04-19 17:54:36)
(2017-04-19 17:54:34)
"Have gotten phone calls and now I am getting text from this number. I do not open the texts or answer the number."
(2017-04-18 22:58:57)
"This is a personal residence in Boca Raton Florida. This phone number is linked to 6 different addresses. It was a recording about a Pay Day Loan. I have never applied for one in my life nor have I asked for info on them, I do not believe in them."
xx(2017-04-18 17:34:14)
"Who's number is this?"
Chocolate(2017-04-17 18:31:52)
"card holder services scam"
xx(2017-04-14 16:47:12)
"Didn't leave message"
xx(2017-04-13 21:45:34)
"Caller ID showed Yaskawa Motoman. I have gotten a call from this person from phone number 937-847-3422 before as well. It was a recording "Hi, this is Rachel from Card Holder Services......... Scam scam scam."
xx(2017-04-13 20:38:22)
"They said they were a 911 agency that just received a 911 call from me,"
(2017-04-13 18:00:30)
"Called my cell phone which is illegal in my state for solicitation to be placed to a cell phone without written permission from the cell phone holder & no business has that from me as I will not give my cell phone number out to businesses. This is just a scammer calling."
xx(2017-04-13 14:45:44)
(2017-04-12 14:55:09)
(2017-04-12 14:54:16)
"hang up call - - obviously a telemarketer"
r(2017-04-12 09:44:48)
"Pay day loan scam. Said I recently applied for a loan. But that's a lie, I have never in my life. Then it went on to say I was pre approved. Really?! If I so called recently applied, how can I be pre approved? Scam."
xx(2017-04-11 13:01:47)
"I feel like this website should share more information than that there is available information about these phone numbers."
(2017-04-10 14:25:01)
"Adult claiming to be a kid and wants to buy stuff placed thru Offerup and Letgo."
(2017-04-08 17:16:01)
"Bogus call from a cell phone in BC asking for details about an auto accident last year.....and we're in Toronto. SCAM"
GO in TO(2017-04-04 11:25:50)
"Beware of this is a SCAM number."
Waters(2017-04-03 20:17:15)
"Called, no message left."
(2017-04-03 14:06:05)
"Wanted an access code sent to my phone from Apple ID. Saying that they are the old owner of my phone number. Complete fraud! Watch out"
(2017-04-02 01:23:43)

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