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Recent comments:

"They call and when I answer, the line goes dead. Not sure what’s up but have taken several calls. Maybe looking to scam Spanish speaking folks."
(2018-08-10 17:30:36)
"Valid number. Personal phone."
(2018-08-09 12:30:30)
"Scammer using a fake phone number."
me(2018-08-09 11:13:50)
"Was called by this number. No message."
(2018-08-07 18:11:39)
"Real estate scam: Cindi wants to purchase my house - which is not for sale"
(2018-08-07 17:24:40)
"just keep getting many calls"
(2018-08-07 11:33:04)
"called my cell with me sitting just beside it. never rang. checked the voicemail and no message was left. I now presume it was a scam call. DON'T ANSWER. It's now a blocked number."
pissed in Texas(2018-08-06 21:04:47)
"Got a call missed it left no voicemail"
(2018-08-06 20:03:48)
"Claimed to be from MicroSoft. My computer is compromised"
David(2018-08-06 15:10:31)
"Keep getting robocalls from this number from the Democratic National Convention."
Smitty(2018-08-06 00:30:45)
"Received a voicemail from someone named Mike Simpson from this number who was looking to sell something."
(2018-08-06 00:28:04)
"constant harrasment"
awake again(2018-08-05 22:09:39)
"Called my cell phone which I do not give that number out to businesses. Scammer wanting money for wait, the police wait................ Scammers"
x(2018-08-04 15:02:19)
"Was a c.g. call, said I had four serious offenses in my name"
(2018-08-03 19:28:04)
"These people are a hoax. I got a phone message in substandard English telling me that there were "four serious allegations pressed upon your name at this moment." Do not respond to these people."
Jujubug(2018-08-03 19:12:20)
"appeared to be spam - you must respond to this message from IRS in 24 hours or something bad will happen."
(2018-08-03 18:36:52)
"A recording told me my SS# has been compromised. Please call for verification."
Stell(2018-08-03 17:54:27)
"An unwanted call from this Atascadero number was received in violation of the Do NotCall law. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public. Predators like these are why you should LET YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE TAKE THEIR PATHETIC CALLS."
Quick Brown Fox(2018-08-03 15:03:07)
"Answered and only dead silence on the other end."
(2018-08-03 09:58:30)
"Found in a discord chat but got deleted soon after"
(2018-08-02 21:40:57)
"Called my home phone - I wasn't home. (Wouldn't have answered if I was, since I don't answer unknown calls. ) Caller ID said Chiropractors C....., but the message was from Mrs. Hamilton and she wanted to go over some charges on my Met Ed bill. I was to call 717-563-3500 to discuss this important information. Have my Met Ed bill handy. WHY? If she's calling from Met Ed, wouldn't she have my bill already? Just another attempt to get me to switch electric companies. Was this a spoofed number? Why would a chiropractor want to discuss my electric bill. Sorry, I won't bite. Number now blocked."
mescrochet(2018-08-02 16:05:56)
"Constant caller, never leaves a msg"
(2018-08-02 11:25:38)
"This number keeps calling and texting me saying I am calling and texting them, but I'm not! I don't know what's going on, but it's getting really creepy."
(2018-08-01 15:04:04)
slick(2018-08-01 12:02:27)
"Got 6 calls already today from them-I do not have a google account-I am not a business"
(2018-07-31 16:27:35)
"Call saying business was closing and I was due a refund-don't know who this is!"
(2018-07-31 16:06:41)
"They said I won some money?"
reCAPTCHA(2018-07-31 13:10:30)
"Called and hung up. Not sure who."
B(2018-07-30 16:36:52)
"Robot caller Not safe"
(2018-07-28 14:08:43)
(2018-07-27 23:05:24)

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