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"Owner Info for (937) 266-7064 Unlock 37 full addresses, 13 emails, and more for only $0.95 with a 3 day trial Name: Arlene M Lutz #### State Route 55 Urbana, OH 43078 #### Wesley Chapel Rd Urbana, OH 43078 Name: David P Campbell #### Grangeview Dr Graytown, OH 43432 #### N Fairfield Rd Beavercreek, OH 45432 Name: Rosemary M John #### Catherine St Dallas, TX 75211 ### Rr 7 Philadelphia, MS 39350 These people call my cell phone which no business has & it's on the do not call list & they want to reduce my credit card. Left voice message on my cell phone. Now some people are now saying these people are supposedly trying to sell insurance. Beware, they are scammers after your money is all"
ff(2018-05-24 23:16:13)
"Calling my cell phone leaving threats about having me arrested for allegations / tax problems. I find complaints on other complaint sites they too are getting same threat calls"
b.g.(2018-05-24 22:31:51)
"This number sent a message asking me to call911, they needed help. Un known number. I consider this a hoax caller."
(2018-05-23 19:07:16)
"This caller has called me 4 in 2017 & I found # belonged to a David Campbell with Coldwell realtor but yet the calls were about reducing my credit card interest. Now I find 2 names at 4 different addresses for this number, I have not given my cell phone number out to business, I do not want soliciting calls being made to my cell phone. Once again I will be reporting this illegal phone call to my cell phone. Name: Arlene M Lutz #### State Route 55 Urbana, OH 43078 #### Wesley Chapel Rd Urbana, OH 43078 Name: David P Campbell #### Grangeview Dr Graytown, OH 43432 #### N Fairfield Rd Beavercreek, OH 45432 Name: Rosemary M John #### Catherine St Dallas, TX 75211 ### Rr 7 Philadelphia, MS 39350"
frewefwefwefwefw(2018-05-23 18:53:14)
(2018-05-22 13:20:14)
"Prank call, sounded like a younger female. Didn't use the best languauge"
(2018-05-21 14:57:34)
"I continue to get calls from this number. I do not answer, they leave voicemail telling me the local police have 4 warrants for my arrest and that I should call them back at this number. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM don't answer your phone - they are now a blocked call on my list. However, this has happened before with a different number."
(2018-05-21 12:59:03)
"Complaints I found state it's E-insurance on the computer for auto coverage."
(2018-05-21 10:10:43)
"Complaints I have found state call is card holder services"
(2018-05-21 09:27:45)
"Caller didn't leave a message, I won't answer calls I don't know. Besides, my caller ID showed Worldquestnetw. What is that?"
(2018-05-20 16:00:01)
"Please help me. Someone is using this number to gain access to personal information."
(2018-05-20 14:46:45)
"These fuckers kept calling my house like 5 times in a row. WTF??"
Elkview sucks balls(2018-05-18 16:18:46)
"This is a scammer using phone numbers from your personal phone to replace their caller ID number with so you'll answer the phone (or others to do so). I received a call from this number, but it was acting like it was coming from my son's phone number. No one left a message & my son did not try calling me. Here's a news article about this warning posted from an Indiana news station on May 15, 2018"
trryrye(2018-05-18 11:17:13)
"warrants for arrest=scam"
(2018-05-17 15:55:04)
"This is the typical "grandmother" scam. Child is in jail after an accident and needs bail immedialtely. Send from your bank to theirs TD Bank in New York. The bank is legitimate, account ok but your relative is not in trouble. Bye bye money! TD Bank does not care that they are involved in this scam. Just not in their interest. Boo on you TD BANK! Do not fall for the story."
Grany in NH(2018-05-17 14:40:28)
"She threatened to post a video of me naked on YouTube and Facebook. On Facebook, her name was Jessica Moore (and on Facebook I reported her), then an hour later, her account was deleted."
Dozer(2018-05-17 08:36:25)
"said nothing and hung up spam call stop this please."
1946tractor(2018-05-16 14:35:53)
"SCAM number... tries to convince you to call this number because you are under investigation"
dip(2018-05-16 09:47:14)
"I answered and the person on the other end said nothing. Therefore, I am classifying it a scam call/telemarketer. I blocked the call on my phone. I get too many of these kind of calls."
wildak8246(2018-05-15 15:49:10)
"received a call saying i needed to call this number back or the local police would come and arrest me. SCAM!!!"
(2018-05-15 10:24:37)
"Another cell phone caller calling those on the do not call list. Just scammers"
werwer(2018-05-10 15:21:52)
"Robocall. Left no message. I've been getting a lot of calls from the 253 area code lately."
Step(2018-05-10 12:55:47)
"Came up as UPS-DIAD_3. Did not take call"
JDM(2018-05-09 17:19:33)
"Caller didn't leave message"
xx(2018-05-09 14:04:21)
"Recording in bad shape with threat to have me arrested for allegations against me if I don't call them back in 24 hrs. Phone number belongs to Jagdev Singh XXXXX 89th Ave. Jamica N.Y. 11432 also listed at xxx 189th Ave. Jamica N.Y. 11432"
private(2018-05-09 12:26:30)
"who is this pest?"
(2018-05-08 16:46:43)
"Got a call from this number telling me not to hang up - this was not a sales call - responding to my recent request about my chronic pain - Guess what, I hung up and blocked number. Sick of these calls!!!!"
Sadie(2018-05-08 12:31:47)
"Extreme;y rude person claiming to be selling health insurance , told me Donald Trump is sleeping with a porn star and asked if i was living under a rock"
(2018-05-07 14:14:10)
"Over the past several weeks I have received multiple calls from this phone number that carries no caller ID from the Grand Rapids area and get no verbal response when I answer only a pause and hang-up. Very irritating. Dated May 7th 2018."
(2018-05-07 13:24:22)
"Number called me - telling me I needed to call them about my tax filings. Telling me I will be taken into custody by the local police as there are 4 serious allegation pressed on my name at this time. They requested I get in contact with them so they can discuss this case before taking any legal action against me."
(2018-05-07 10:09:00)

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