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"Calls every day, Call ID: Reader SVC"
(2019-06-06 10:02:34)
"i think shes a hooker"
daddy(2019-06-05 21:26:48)
" Beagle free after asking where at Prince George BC Okay drive from Ashcroft to Prince George all day drive for free dog. Told address was fake home for sale no one knew this person. After says names is Jones walker not true the email is paid 275.00 for paper transfer then asking for shipping cost of $450.00 with Safewaylogisticinternational caller no name asking for extra cost for box at $2000.00 pay now with google play cards all wanting only Goggle play cards text them. All scams"
(2019-06-05 21:25:32)
"Received call (voicemail). VM stated name as Paul Olson but did not specify any subject matter. Just said he was in his car and to call. Call came to my landline."
(2019-06-05 16:04:29)
"PPO insurance solicitation call"
(2019-06-05 12:49:45)
"PPO Insurance plan solicitation"
(2019-06-05 12:48:47)
"Cell phone caller caller ID shows Louise Capehart but caller says she's Rachel Stevens & needs to talk about the student load for payment options because of changes that has taken place. Call back at 888-393-0194 Gee, didn't know a student loan was even done for someone in this house hold. So funny as there is none, scammer caller"
h(2019-06-03 16:38:19)
"This number is being used for a Social Security scam."
Butch(2019-05-30 15:19:51)
(2019-05-30 13:03:02)
"phone call"
(2019-05-30 11:09:32)
(2019-05-28 16:45:38)
"Calls and leaves no messages"
(2019-05-24 21:12:10)
"Received a call, not a text message."
(2019-05-23 14:56:41)
"didn't answer never left message"
jscott5/22/19(2019-05-22 14:29:52)
"Google business verification scam"
(2019-05-17 16:41:27)
"Your windows license key has expired & is not working. This is very important to reactivate it. Call back at 877-698-6789"
TS(2019-05-17 14:56:34)
rJACKSON(2019-05-15 15:39:12)
"Didn't answer since it was an unknown caller."
(2019-05-14 20:12:30)
"Unbelievable, you want people to leave a comment but want to charge them for the report. Fine, a comment. Person with foreign accent calling, from TX evidently, wanted to speak to someone, told them they were not here and offered to take a message "they'll call back" No one in my family has any connections: family, business, or billing in TX - so - scam"
Sam(2019-05-14 14:06:10)
"call with no voicemail"
Mr Dragon(2019-05-13 17:29:20)
"I received a call from this # @ 5:25 pm, because I was working I didn't answer. When I checked, I found a text message was left, but no voice message from same number. I checked the #, it is a land-line in same city, but it sent a text! I have not opened the text because of illicit content. Seems this is the 2nd time from this number."
kelownacare(2019-05-10 22:15:19)
"This person loves to call your number any time of day and breathe into the phone. They (HE) never informs you who he is only likes to breathe heavily into the phone. Real weirdo...scary person and someone one I would not want in my home. When I called the number back, he informed me he was an insurance representative. No Thank You...."
BeBe74(2019-05-10 13:55:25)
"Asked for my husband, told them he was not here, and asked if I could take a message - they hung up. Extremely rude in my opinion. To the best of my knowledge we do not know anyone in Texas, deal with any businesses based out of Texas, and nothing is in collection or late - no idea why they are calling"
Samantha(2019-05-10 11:35:28)
(2019-05-10 11:21:40)
"I get calls from this number that are a woman speaking in Japanese or something like that and it starts as soon as I answer the call. Pretty sure its spam or telemarketing or both haha"
Dave C(2019-05-09 15:08:22)
"so called health market place is starting back up with health insurance you can afford like Cigna, aetna, bc & many more................."
copy cat(2019-05-08 15:50:34)
"call went to voicemail, it had come up as "name unavailable." caller asked for me by name, caller left message and call back number (401)248-6386 stating they were with (I will omit name) local bank and to call them back. Seems suspicious, and my internet searches do not show it a valid bank number."
HadEnough(2019-05-08 14:39:20)
"Caller ID Raley's Supermarket. Number was from CA. Number called in NC. Did not leave a message."
ME(2019-05-08 14:04:54)
"i need detail of this number"
shabyeddie(2019-05-06 19:37:29)
"Just received call, we did not answer & they left no message! Ugh!"
gbd(2019-05-05 18:51:47)

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