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Recent comments:

keep getting Hi jane. Call me when you can!
2014-11-19 12:57:01
Baby girl
2014-11-19 02:09:18
Received a VM from this number telling me that it was the IRS and that this was my last notice that the IRS would be pursuing a lawsuit against me. It said to call 206-299-0868 which is a line in Seattle... SCAM!!!
2014-11-18 16:55:39
Message left said his name was Tom Mitchell from health care solutions about our request for insurance. Really? 10 mins before this, a "John" guy called, I got a phone call from John who also claims to be from health care solution. He called from 508-205-0745 but said to call him back at 540-322-2731. 508-205-0745 is out of Easton, MA. (which is a personal residence) 540-322-2731 is out of Fredericksburg, VA. (which is a persona residence) Watch out people.
2014-11-18 13:32:51
Recording of a man who said his name was John from health care solutions & is calling about a recent request for help getting health insurance. Call him back at 540-322-2731. This 508-205-0745 comes from Easton, MA (a personal residence) This 540-322-2731 comes from Frederickburg, VA. (a personal residence) Really John????? No request from here
2014-11-18 12:58:00
hi there
2014-11-18 09:25:34
Caller hung up. Another web site with complaints on this number, they all say caller pretends to be from Micro Soft & they're trying to say your computer has a virus.
2014-11-15 10:13:14
i get a phone call. who's number is this?
2014-11-14 23:12:53
got text
2014-11-14 10:51:35
Many are stating this number is the scam outfit life giving moments. This number is spoofed, which means a fake. This is just a scam call
2014-11-14 09:28:22
This is a cell number for a dating service
2014-11-13 11:39:51
May complaints on other web sites all state India sounding man claiming to be from Micro Soft & he needs access to computer to remove virus. Called me, he hung up when I said I reported his number. Also, this "fake phone number" is traced to a personal residence on Cortez St. in Youngstown, Florida.
2014-11-13 08:25:37
Caller will not identify themselves. Asking for female I do not know. Have been told wrong number several times and not to call back. Male and female callers have accents that are not recognizable. When I do find out...!
2014-11-12 17:56:20
believe to be fraud
2014-11-11 14:35:43
my 13 yr old child went missing after a call from this phone
2014-11-11 05:24:08
I need the address for this phone number
Augustus Brooks
2014-11-10 16:45:52
yes I got a call from this number and it was a child that called
2014-11-10 11:47:26
Sent dick picture
2014-11-08 21:17:53
Caller didn't speak, called twice just 25 mins apart. Other complaints on another web site, people say caller claims to be Anthem BC/BS BUT they want personal information. No insurance company will call & ask you for personal information. This is a scam.
2014-11-07 14:13:09
Robo call didn't ID themselves. Went on to say your status will change in the next 24 hrs to decline unless they heard back right away. Said to call this 888 number with _____ auth code & speak with my agent. HA ha ha, I don't have an agent from either phone numbers let alone where that phone call SUPPOSEDLY is calling from What a scam.
2014-11-07 13:16:14
This is some guy saying your computer has errors and someone is trying to hack your computer. Total scam. Probably identity theif. Hang up if he calls you.
2014-11-06 18:15:09
yes he calls to my home and dont say nothing at all hes call quit of bit time making sounds like he is have sex and it irretating
2014-11-06 13:59:45
I received a call from this number saying that it was Chris Simmons opening Dartmount Services and wanted me as a Admin Assistant. I think I applied through an add on Indeed. Scam! No greeting on his phone and e mail address changed twice in two days.
2014-11-05 18:56:33
I got a call from this number saying that it was the IRS and that my lawyer should call back immediately. The person on the call had an accent of some sort and called himself a police officer...I didn't get the name. He said that if I ignored the call all he could say was "good luck". Obviously a scam, I'm glad I didn't call and instead searched the number.
2014-11-05 13:37:41
watch out
2014-11-05 13:19:39
call to our business--wanting general information about address, website, length at present address, etc. terrible connection. had to ask twice for who was calling and never answered WHY they were calling.
2014-11-04 09:45:41
Who's number is this?
2014-11-03 12:43:52
Unwanted call
2014-11-02 21:25:16
423-534-8240 called and said they had the wrong number
2014-10-31 16:02:49
Caller didn't speak. Another web site with complaints, one person said their caller ID showed OCC Phillipines
2014-10-29 21:08:45

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