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Recent comments:

(2017-09-22 12:10:31)
"No comment"
LLO(2017-09-19 23:12:37)
"this number is being used in a scam on craigslist ."
(2017-09-14 15:13:38)
"Got a phone call and e-mail threats to take me to court with an e-mail address of alston&Bird and that my SS number is being held by the government and this financial matter needs to be address"
jhucky(2017-09-14 13:52:45)
"Number continues to dial cell phone throughout day. Never leaves a message. Called number back, no one answers. It goes into voice mail with a generic greeting."
(2017-09-12 19:11:59)
ngytdgfg(2017-09-12 17:15:33)
"Carlisa Jones of Louisa"
temp(2017-09-12 13:45:11)
"Called this number back and just heard clicking. SCAM SCAM SCAM Don't pick up when they call!!!!"
Marta(2017-09-11 15:20:43)
"The Batch No: DDT73/5RYU9/Your Phone Number Has Won You $380,000- Contact"
Pegleg(2017-09-10 21:46:37)
"Beautiful Wedding Announcements & Print Shop 2120 12600 S Suite C, Riverton, UT 84065 (801) 254-2778"
Bob(2017-09-10 04:10:42)
"getting emails about this one"
(2017-09-08 21:19:15)
"Nuisance/Harassment - Calls 30 times a day and never leaves a message. Calls on Sundays and Holidays. Even calls up to 111:00PM. This borders on harassment and seems to be breaking some laws???"
(2017-09-04 13:29:56)
"My mother got a phone call from this number & she didn't answer it because she doesn't answer numbers that she does not recognize. The caller left a voice message saying that if she didn't call back she would be sorry. She isn't calling back. I certainly hope that this phone bullying/harassment won't continue. It is a landline in DC. We live no where near DC."
Melissa(2017-09-01 11:48:46)
"Received call from this number saying that I called them. I told the caller I hadn't made any calls and that I was driving. They wanted to keep me on the line to check their information. I told them I was hanging up. I then received an aggressive text saying I should "lose the attitude". They appeared to send a screen shot that said I had called. I had no outgoing calls during during that timeframe. Someone may have spammed my number to this person; however, there is no reason that they should have tried to continue the conversation and text me aggressively."
(2017-08-31 17:46:30)
"called 3 times in a row, no message left"
(2017-08-31 16:48:52)
"This woman is nuts!"
(2017-08-31 14:55:39)
(2017-08-30 16:02:26)
"Glen Smith Smith Lawn Care Looking for HOES"
(2017-08-30 10:38:34)
"FRAUD. Posing as a Real Estate Broker Property Developer. Disturbing behavior. FRAUD."
Lisa(2017-08-27 22:46:02)
"Back to back calls from Justin Horowitz. Really annoying."
Gary(2017-08-26 13:07:21)
"Text me 1:15 AM "hey sexy""
Say what?(2017-08-26 10:26:58)
"Text me 1:15 AM "hey sexy""
(2017-08-26 10:25:47)
"Called and didn't leave a message. Thus I assumed it was spam and blocked this number."
(2017-08-25 17:46:57)
"The owner of this number is a pedifile he likes any female at any age be aware"
(2017-08-25 17:39:19)
"SCAM - "Heather" from Account Services - regarding credit cards. Same "Heather" [name/voice] from other numbers calls regarding carpet cleaning - car warranty."
(2017-08-25 14:04:21)
"My son received nude pics from this number while he was at school. It has been reported and an investigation will be made."
Jenn(2017-08-25 12:17:54)
"SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't answer"
(2017-08-25 10:21:20)
"Searching for my relative"
Luis m. De vera(2017-08-24 20:03:15)
"Luis m. De vera"
(2017-08-24 20:02:07)
"I got a call on my landline, and on my cell from this number, and both had messages of IRS threat of an arrest warrant. I feel this is a scam call and did not reply."
(2017-08-24 19:25:58)

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