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"Fraud call - spam"
S(2019-02-14 16:09:48)
"continues to call and does not leave a message"
(2019-02-13 16:38:07)
"Called to make an appointment for "Final arrangement" offer Question him - if he was talking about funeral stated worked for American Senior Care in Florida. I called the organization he mentioned, they'd did authorized this, but I was 2nd person to make these statements to them I'm on "Do not call list" and have been since 2000"
Mac(2019-02-13 16:32:36)
"When I answered my phone they asked me if Larry was there and then hung up."
Larry(2019-02-13 15:36:51)
"Getting several calls from this number, annoying to say the least!!!"
(2019-02-13 14:29:43)
"Phone calls but no messages left."
Sandi(2019-02-13 12:30:49)
"Called my cell phone. I do not give that # out to no business. My cell phone is for emergency use. So calls like this must be a scammer calling."
no(2019-02-12 23:17:17)
"called left no message."
(2019-02-12 10:58:58)
"missing family member called from this number"
joe(2019-02-11 22:59:21)
"Is this a real person?"
(2019-02-10 14:50:11)
"person callinghusband's cell every day, several times a day."
nana(2019-02-09 11:36:42)
"Apparently the new owner of Asian Delicious in Cortland NY (even though in the text they called it "Asian delicacies") they are sending unsolicited marketing information to past customers."
(2019-02-08 16:14:52)
"phone showed number to a Kim Lamoreau returned call and there is nosuchnumber it has been disconnected"
(2019-02-08 16:09:29)
"Keeps calling without leaving a message."
(2019-02-07 17:21:48)
B3(2019-02-07 17:21:28)
"Solicitation for auto insurance. No name in caller ID only wireless caller"
(2019-02-07 16:04:18)
"I got a call from these people saying they are Green America. They are trying to get personal info and they tell you they are calling from where you are from. He had a foreign voice but told me his name is John and insisted he was calling me from NJ. Scammer"
(2019-02-07 11:51:44)
"I got a call saying it was from Bluegreen Resorts and that I won a 4 day vacation, however they wanted me to pay $248.00 in order to collect my vacation."
Alicia(2019-02-06 17:36:58)
"when I called the number back it was a discontinued number"
(2019-02-06 16:21:42)
KM(2019-02-06 14:25:35)
"unidentified caller. Did not leave voicemail."
(2019-02-06 11:30:49)
"I received a call today. A recording stating there was a criminal investigation and something about the IRA."
Dancer(2019-02-04 14:26:15)
Chad(2019-02-03 05:00:07)
(2019-02-02 21:20:49)
"a text"
(2019-02-01 13:42:07)
"left message stated that if we did not call back we would be arrested"
(2019-01-30 15:11:43)
"This number left a automated voicemail about my SS# and it would be locked if I do not call back ASAP...."
GJH(2019-01-30 11:00:46)
"Obviously some kind of scam/fraud/spam/spoofed number/nuisance call since the telephone company has it listed as "Unknown Registrant" and 'no name associated with this number.' Just another JERK whose number will be blocked."
Tony(2019-01-30 04:26:31)
"Had the number block but was able to leave a message anyway who is he"
Jim(2019-01-29 19:22:10)
"unknow text from this number several times tonight."
jmhelborne(2019-01-27 00:02:25)

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