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"This cell phone from Cincinnati, OH (so it claims) is connecting to a land line, but the call is coming from over seas"
xx(2017-02-23 11:21:45)
"Cell phone from Columbus, OH linking to a land line breaking the law by calling my cell phone. No business has been given written nor permission to contact my cell phone, plus it's listed on the do not call list as well. This is just a scammer. Complaints I find on another site have different complaints against this same number. Here's what complaints are listed for this number this month: caller doesn't leave message / Caller asks if you can hear me now (which if you answer yes, then you're hooked up into over seas charges) / offering a cruise / you stayed at one of our resorts. As for my call, I rejected the call because it's a scam & no business is permitted to call my cell phone."
xx(2017-02-23 10:47:57)
"There was this loud "doop" sound, then heard solicitors talking on phones in the background, then caller hung up. 720 is Denver, CO. area. This is nothing but a scam as they're calling someone on the do not call list. Complaints on another site, one said they live in Hawaii & got a call at 6:30 AM. This is also a cell phone number."
xx(2017-02-23 09:30:08)
"Once again, caller ID showed Shirley Toler. She has called 2 times this week. She doesn't let the answer machine have time to kick on. Nothing but a scammer who doesn't abide by the do not call law."
xx(2017-02-22 19:26:18)
"Spam caller. Call rings once and they hang up"
(2017-02-22 11:51:57)
"Call phone from Miamisburg, OH. Caller didn't leave message, hung up after 3 rings."
(2017-02-21 20:29:45)
"Caller ID showed Shirley Toler. Caller didn't leave message. Cell phone caller. Complaints on another site from July to Oct 2011 had wide range of complaints: 1) Lower your credit card interest 2) Caller woman couldn't hardly speak English 3) Claimed to be Nationwide Investments & wanted to know your address 4) A courtesy call for someone who doesn't live there 5) Wanted money for some firemen's fund 6) selling water / sewer line insurance Cincinnati Bell cell phone service does not supply service for home users, it's strictly for businesses & this phone number is listed as a home cell phone. So caller must be doing scam calls from home."
xx(2017-02-21 20:11:11)
"Cell phone or fake phone number. Caller ID showed Arlington, TN. Caller didn't leave message. This site says landline with US Lec. of TN. Inc.......another site I went to said home phone with AT&T Mobility"
xx(2017-02-21 19:47:50)
"Jacksonville, FL. Recording claiming to be contracted agency for BC/BS.......get insurance. Hey scammers, insurance enrollment is done over with. This place says landline, another site didn't know what kind of phone land or cell. That means this is a fake number to begin with."
xx(2017-02-21 19:30:17)
"Caller ID showed Shirley Toler I bet it's another scam from so called agencies for insurance. Deal line to get insurance has been over with."
xx(2017-02-21 10:35:13)
"Received random text asking for me to be a face model for Mary Kay products and receive gift cards as form of payment. This is a scam to become a client."
#NotaFoolToday(2017-02-20 16:06:04)
"Harnessing phone calls with cursing and also no voice when I answered. Then phone crashed and would not work again."
todd(2017-02-20 04:54:00)
(2017-02-18 05:05:39)
"Emerchant Club 4119 Guardian Street Simi Valley, CA 93063 Web Design and Hosting"
EMC Member(2017-02-17 17:39:22)
"comes up IFCJ on caller ID. they didn't leave a message"
(2017-02-17 14:00:09)
"had a missed call from this number"
(2017-02-17 10:09:08)
"Julia Mackie"
pieaseDoNotCall(2017-02-16 13:52:13)
"Called early this afternoon hanging up before the answer machine could come on."
xx(2017-02-15 12:12:17)
(2017-02-15 07:20:52)
"Multiple calls in same day. No message."
(2017-02-14 18:53:51)
"David a gomm owns this #"
fuckoff(2017-02-14 03:11:38)
"They call until the answering machine picks up--they hang up and leave no message--Very Annoying!!"
K.W.(2017-02-13 23:32:06)
"This time caller ID showed it's an over seas call & not coming from Cincinnati 11-513-214-3296 "Out Of Area""
xx(2017-02-13 16:14:14)
"Caller didn't speak or leave a message"
xx(2017-02-13 09:49:42)
"scam phone call from 'the government' telling me I won $7,000, just need to provide banking information"
(2017-02-09 11:51:18)
"Called my cell phone on Tuesday, 2-7-17 and didn't recognize the # so didn't answer. Probably a spam or robocall!!!"
Don(2017-02-07 12:19:31)
"Jay Steed"
C(2017-02-06 21:35:00)
"Cell phone caller from Cazadero, CA. Caller didn't leave message. Complaints on another site, people don't know what caller wants. 1 complaint said belongs to a company that sells solar panels."
x(2017-02-03 22:35:50)
"Let phone ring 3 times then hung up"
Cell phone Clinton, OH(2017-02-03 10:24:46)
"" Hello, this is a very important message about your health insurance. Were you recently noticed that your current health insurane plan was no longer being offered or your new rate just became unaffordable? We have good news. Please press 1 now. There is an alternaticve to your obama health care plan that in most cases saves people 75-85% & with less out of pocket cost than your current plan. Please press 1 now to see how this plan can benefit you Press 2 to be removed from our list. Thank you." This same woman's has another different recording from 725-266-7024 Las Vegas Recording scam......"If you can not afford health insurance feel you are over paying, I guarantee I can save you money on your health insurance. Dental, vision, & more. I can ensure everyone who enrolls. No matter the health condition. Please press 1 now to speak directly to me about your health insurance or press 2 to be removed from the list." Both of these numbers are cell phone numbers."
................(2017-02-02 11:05:23)

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