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(2017-03-23 19:36:04)
"Call came in as wireless caller. This area code belongs to Miami Florida. Nothing but a scam as I have no business dealings with any company in Florida & my # is on the do not call list. I find there's 7 relatives to this number with 4 addresses."
xx(2017-03-23 11:01:34)
"This person called me to my cell phone and claimed that they got my number off of my cell phone and that I called them by mistake. That was not correct. I did not have my cell at the time, asked if I was Marsha and I said no, gave my name and from where I was from."
Joan(2017-03-22 18:28:42)
"Sick stalker. Keeps texting nasty messages."
Ann(2017-03-21 22:32:34)
"You web site says land's a cell phone listed for a personal residence. Called my cell phone. I don't give my cell phone # out to businesses. Any unknown calls to my cell phone is either a wrong number or a scam."
xx(2017-03-21 10:17:41)
"Received a call from this number saying they were monitoring my credit card balances and they could help with lower rates. Must be a scam, I don't have any credit card debt."
(2017-03-20 14:14:32)
"This number has called on several occasions the past 2-3 days. No message left on our answering device"
BigHat(2017-03-17 15:59:49)
"Got a text from Kelley S. Dont know who the fuck that is. Inviting me to a party! But, no address. Must be a Phishing Scam. Blocked that number. I wouldn't respond if you get this text."
MBofCrested Butte(2017-03-16 20:15:11)
"received a call. asked if it was me and then hung up, tried calling back but the line was bussy. I think this is a scammer."
(2017-03-15 18:21:48)
(2017-03-15 14:35:29)
"This is Robert widener I love my phone I don't know my info to get in my app on a new phone I know that's it can y send me my in to my wife's email"
Robert e widener(2017-03-15 10:48:43)
lee(2017-03-15 00:03:43)
"yes, they said they were from the dept of treasury. I hung up on them.... scammers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
(2017-03-14 12:41:13)
"Called my cell phone. I do not give my cell phone number out to businesses. Complaints on another site say it's a recording about you stayed at one of our resorts & it went on to ask you question wanting you to say yes to. It's either a vacation scam or that newest scam where they record your yes answer & use it to make long distance calls to YOUR phone number. Another web said this is a Verizon cell phone for home use."
xx(2017-03-13 12:22:54)
"You have recently applied for a pay day loan & are now approved"
xx(2017-03-13 11:26:56)
"I got a text from this company offering Rayban sunglasses at a discount. I don't know hiw they got my cellphone number and I definitely don't want to do business with this company!"
(2017-03-10 20:13:06)
"I got a call from this number (928) 474-0775 I answered the phone since it was from my area, it sounded like a solicitor, they told me who was calling but I missed it. They asked how I was, I said fine. Then I said no thank you good bye and hung up. I decided to call the number back and found out it is disconnected. I called century link to find out how they are doing this, with the number showing up in my caller ID. Computer software was the answer. These people are vultures, why can't they get real jobs. :("
Lucy(2017-03-10 16:52:28)
"Robo Caller 5 times a day"
(2017-03-10 16:00:34)
"Caller didn't leave message. Complaint on another site, receiver answered phone, caller hung up. No doubt a scam."
xx(2017-03-09 11:51:27)
"This is my phone number, Patty Gibson. I don't want anybody to have this number unless I give it to them. I have a Restraining order and you need to stop giving my information."
Patty Gibson(2017-03-09 10:53:27)
"got a text"
tracy(2017-03-08 13:32:01)
"who are you trying to reach?"
wife(2017-03-07 13:45:37)
"Jessica tillman"
King(2017-03-07 00:17:23)
"Got a call with no name. Left no message. Most recent in lots of suspected spam calls I have been getting from area code 614."
(2017-03-03 20:02:38)
"614 is Columbus, Ohio area. Called my cell phone. I don't give my cell phone number out to businesses. That makes this call a scam to me."
xx(2017-03-03 11:56:30)
"Veronica referring me to a company to reduce or eliminate my debt. Not local as indicated. Heavy Indian accent giving information not understandable. Told them to stop calling my number. Kept talking I hung up."
LC(2017-03-03 11:08:13)
"The number came in like this the other day from Calif. But today, the real caller ID showed up with 11 in front of it.............which is over seas. Call has been pretending to sell insurance some people have said. This is nothing more than a scam to get your personal information."
nope(2017-03-02 19:56:04)
"Un known caller--no one on line."
j(2017-03-02 16:20:26)
"Free medical device...I am on the do not call list, why do they keep calling?"
Won't get fooled again!(2017-03-02 13:31:57)
"He wants to buy my home that is not up for sale!? Name is jUSTIN HYNEKJNFU"
(2017-03-01 22:22:22)

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