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Said they were the IRS. Filing a lawsuit against us for owing money. It was not a real person talking it was a automated call.
Miss Melinda
2016-05-23 11:41:52
pictures sent from this number depicted murder slash female victims... several pics of females being slashed
2016-05-22 21:49:15
Got a call and then the guy asked me my name, then said that it was the wrong number.
2016-05-20 16:45:59
2016-05-19 16:27:10
Received a call on my cell saying the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me.
2016-05-19 09:58:18
this is a scam don't deposit the check they send you
2016-05-19 06:49:59
This person is using this number to pull the IRS is after you scam
2016-05-18 11:37:02
Have gotten several calls but will not leave a message.
2016-05-17 18:54:41
This may have just been a wrong number call.
2016-05-17 14:13:47
I received a bogus call from this number from IRS pretenders trying to pull a scam demanding money to pay back taxes or otherwise executing a warrant for my arrest. Do not trust these people. They are CROOKS!!
2016-05-17 10:36:02
I received calls from this number..Cannot understand what she is saying.
2016-05-13 14:34:55
got a call from this number then hangup
2016-05-12 17:33:48
got a xoxo text from this number, no idea who's it is
2016-05-11 23:15:32
hi im sending this to mhyself
2016-05-10 12:45:49
Message says it is the Internal Revenue. Threatening to take us to court. SPAM
2016-05-09 18:33:03
I have recieved two calls from this phone number and a recording says it is Rachael calling about my credit card, and there is no problem with it. First of all I don't have any credit cards and second, when I call the number back a lady answers and she assures me the call did not come from that phone number, that it is her cell number. It is showing from Columbia Tn. 931-698-0425. Please investigate what is going on with this phone number.
2016-05-09 14:38:53
do not answer claims won cruise to VHUHA
2016-05-06 16:29:24
Someone from this number repeatedly calls my cell number. I never answer because I have no idea who may be calling me from this area code. If anyone knows by receiving calls from this number, please leave your comments here.
2016-05-06 14:54:07
2016-05-04 05:48:55
got text from 850-370-0692, the person said they were better, and I love you. don't know this person... sounds like a trouble maker.
sick of games
2016-05-03 21:54:29
No clue since no message ever left. Just Bristol, CT. A scam no doubt.
2016-05-03 21:50:43
They have called both of my children looking for me, yet when I called back, they would not share any information about who they were representing.
2016-05-03 12:13:42
2016-05-02 22:27:11
Scam. Called my son's cell phone & he's a minor. We do not use his cell phone for business calls. We do not give our cell phone number out to businesses. He doesn't either, his cell phone is used to contact us when needed only. So this is a scam for a fact. Complaints on other web sites state recording says Reward Redemption.
2016-05-02 15:57:56
He claims his name is Marvin Spears.
2016-05-01 19:26:53
I got a call from this person without me contacting him to connect real estates in IN ,just for connecting buyer and seller for $750 fee.
2016-05-01 19:24:52
Marvin Spears says he connects buyers and seller of real estates in IN. so I'm not sure who he is and why he is representing IN property owner.
2016-05-01 19:22:51
2016-04-29 16:32:53
a man was laughing when i answered the phone. Then hung up. Defiantly a prank call. concerned because is was a grown mans voice.
2016-04-28 16:15:50
Didn't recognize, did not answer.
2016-04-28 15:59:22

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