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This number is being used to make prank phone calls and should be shut off - calls from this number occur every couple of months - caller ID "American Steel"
2014-09-16 13:16:16
Beware of this call and 513.718.0492. Same company,, recording for carpet cleaning. They start early a.m. and call all day...cannot call back this number, always fast busy tone.
2014-09-15 08:49:29
Constantly calls in early a.m., recording of carpet cleaning service. Cannot call back this number, always busy. Really starting to iritate me.
2014-09-15 08:46:55
Women asked for my wife by name. Do not know anyone from Lake Elsinore. Said will call back later.
2014-09-14 18:57:14
Called my relatively new cell suggesting they are using a robotic machine. This number is associated with reported scam attempts.
2014-09-14 16:12:38
Hang upcall
2014-09-14 12:58:22
received call
2014-09-13 20:21:26
this is a scammer trying to get credit card info, caller id showed my wife's name as caller. at&t verified that this number is not in use by them.
2014-09-13 13:05:07
call stating they were collecting a donation for breast cancer. is it really someone collecting for breast cancer, or is it someone collecting for themselves?
2014-09-13 11:22:51
2014-09-12 18:52:12
Owner is texting and threatening people
2014-09-11 11:42:18
someone climing to bean investigator looking for a Stacy no one her by that name.
2014-09-11 11:31:14
Thomas Cavey
2014-09-10 22:16:34
Received phone call but no one was on the line. Tried to call back and a recording said # could not be completed as dialed but that is the number on my caller ID.
2014-09-09 08:42:42
Lying gold digging woman not to be trusted or sucked into her world.
2014-09-08 19:33:36
Timothy R. Tule used this number to extort monies, run scams, theft by deception. Claims to be able to do all types of construction and than runs off with your money or does the job completely wrong. look up His record in four counties. Timothy is Trouble please be ware.
2014-09-08 16:28:12
This stalker scammer called and hung up. turned it over to law enforcement, and you should do the same thing if this phone number harasses you.
latino m
2014-09-08 14:26:21
I am the first to report this so its a new phone number most likely a scam they called at 826am. and said nothing it has to be a new scam phone number just coming online ..every call I do not recognize I believe are scammers ..
larry b
2014-09-08 14:08:33
Caller lets phone ring 2 times & hangs up. Other complaints on another web site say it claims to be wanting money for cancer
2014-09-08 11:52:03
I received a call around 10pm central time from this number but no one on the other end. I tried to call it back and it went straight to an automatic system asking me to enter my access code or some time type of code. I just hung up and did a search through this site. Still unsure of reason for the call. I did not pay to view name, it does say its from Betsytown NJ, and that its a landline. 908-838-0217
2014-09-07 23:09:02
person is faking ID trying to hook up with men using false pic
2014-09-07 17:52:58
Yes I did
2014-09-06 20:33:53
I've been called by this number for the last two Friday's. Neither time has anyone said anything?
2014-09-05 15:27:48
keeps calling my house phone (up to 5 times a day) and then hangs up - no message, etc.
2014-09-04 19:48:48
These people call anywhere from 3 to 6 times a day. There is no message left. I picked up once and there was nothing on the other end of the line. Why do people call like this with no evident purpose? How do I find out who is making these calls and how do I stop them?
2014-09-04 18:06:38
Call over and over
2014-09-04 15:58:05
Name of Caller
2014-09-04 15:20:11
This phone number is a video chat scam and should NOT be opened.
2014-09-03 16:58:29
got a text, dont know who he is.
2014-09-02 21:42:18
yes, I got a call from 551 587 0759
2014-09-02 16:55:29

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