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Recent comments:

"Called my cell phone. I do not give my cell phone # out. 3 people are listed for this cell phone number & each one has 2 different addresses to their names"
werwer(2018-04-13 11:41:23)
"Woman calls me from this numbers stating I called her and never to call her again and she is going to block me! Then she hangs up! Funny, I never called her... I was watching tv, lol"
(2018-04-12 11:48:38)
"I keep getting calls to my Ga Tech phone daily from this number but they never leave a voicemail, so I don't trust it."
Hans(2018-04-12 10:00:34)
"Scam caller"
GH(2018-04-11 18:11:04)
"Got a call I didn't pick the phone up. I'm on do not call list anyway. Caller didn't leave message, hung up after a few seconds, then I heard a dial tone for a about 3 seconds, then heard a busy signal & heard only 4 beeps. Next the caller disconnected the call. This is no doubt a scammer calling. I don't have any business dealings with any company in TN."
wetrewrew(2018-04-11 12:43:06)
"Found number on sons phone"
(2018-04-11 04:23:17)
"I keep getting a call from this number but no one answers me. I called the number and an answering machine said they couldn't get to the phone. This was an older woman's voice."
Frances(2018-04-09 17:10:52)
"Received two calls in a row - no voice message left."
JP(2018-04-09 16:36:25)
"Received two calls in a row - no voice message left."
JP(2018-04-09 16:36:01)
"to many calls from this number,very annoying"
(2018-04-08 16:34:39)
"Health ins agent"
(2018-04-06 16:15:12)
"scam call."
(2018-04-05 16:56:41)
"received a call and they hung up when i answered ."
(2018-04-05 15:58:57)
Annoyed(2018-04-05 14:05:04)
"silent caller on answering machine."
sand(2018-04-05 13:41:27)
"SCAM!!!!!!!! Do not call back, the guy is a lier and a thief!!!!!!!"
(2018-04-04 16:03:25)
"Recording something about some Gov't mortgage for home owners. Just a scam"
name(2018-04-03 21:00:51)
(2018-04-03 13:48:02)
"Dana Imbordino, wore out Cleveland area prostitute has a criminal record 4 drugs prostitution theft identity theft aggravated assault child endangerment does not have custody of two kids and probation violation. This Junkie Love's cocaine crack and heroin this individual is nothing but trouble is as ugly on the outside as the inside uses many many different phone numbers"
Sickened(2018-04-03 09:12:58)
"Cheater husband here too!!!!! Same number from hangouts."
Wife of sleazebag cheater(2018-04-03 00:37:03)
"Not my cell number."
(2018-04-02 13:54:22)
"I got a greeting from this number"
(2018-04-01 11:34:30)
"I had a call come in on the cell phone they did not leave a message. Soooooooooooooooooooo I felt that they was scammer or telemarketers that is not right for them to keep hounding a person what ever they want. It is none of there business , what so ever ,"
unknown(2018-03-30 16:43:08)
"Spam do not call them back, leaves fraudulent hook message, can not remove voicemail from my iPhone."
steph(2018-03-30 12:13:40)
"Just called, talked dirty and hung up."
Charlie(2018-03-30 09:21:04)
"They must be running a billing scam. When I picked up the phone she said "Hello, this is your representative from BXBS United Healthcare Cigna. We have your medical records here & it shows you have aches & pains. Could you please be more specific & tell me exactly where your pains are?" After repeatedly asking who she was, what was this about I got the fast talking garble that ended in representative. Hung up. An hour later a guy claiming to be the head manager demanded we finish the interview & tell him where my pain was. He had my medical records. I said you don't have my medical records, that is a HIPAA violation & hung up again on him. A billing scam of some sort seems to be where this was going, but I could not hang in there long enough to get it out of them for sure."
(2018-03-29 21:08:23)
"Crank call"
(2018-03-29 20:31:10)
"They say they are from a home owners assc. and need to ask a few questions about my home and then they ask "Can you hear me now?" I tell them no they have called me for days now sick of it."
Valorie(2018-03-29 17:45:24)
"Hang ups"
(2018-03-29 10:16:01)
"RObo call with altered voice. Half a message is left stating that I have 4 serious allegations against me and if I do not call back I will be taken under custody of the local cops."
(2018-03-29 09:34:40)

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